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Campaign Suite for D20 and D&D Games 1.0

Campaign Suite for D20 and D&D Games - Campaign Suite is a Software Package that allows you to createyour own dungeons, maps, characters and game information. Quick wizards make managing and creating even hundreds of characters at once a snap.Characters can be exported to HTML or other formats, or printedout for your use.
Download Details: Campaign Suite for D20 and D&D Games
File Size:3.35 MB
Price:US$ 29.95
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Download:Download Now
Download ID:13170020
System:Windows All
Update Date:03-22-2006

You can even design the "Professions" which are used by the Character Generation wizard to give you characters of any level! With full featured feat, class, skill, equipment, and race editors, you can customize to fit any D20 game. Races can be instantly generated from your creature database, or you can apply a Template directly to a race.
Campaign Suite for D20 and D&D Games Key Features:

* Complete Character Designer
* Dungeon Generator
* Overland Encounter Generator
* Map Maker
* Class/Prestige Class Editor
* Race Editor
* Monster Editor
* Racial Templates
* Creature Templates
* Feat Editor
* Skill Editor
* Language Editor
* Equipment/Weapon Editor
* Spell List Editor
* Treasure Roller
* Deity/Domain Editors
* Expansions for Sale and Free to expand your game instantly
* Profession Template Editor for Character Wizard
* Random Weather Generator
* Character Group Management
* Characters In Encounters
* BMP, RTF, HTML exports
* Random Encounter Table Maker
* Weekly FREE updates

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