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Roleplaying Assistant 1.0

* Advanced Dungeons and Dragons(2nd, 3rd and 3.5 edition)
* Star wars RPG (D6)
* Star wars RPG (D20, in beta)
* Star wars RPG (D20, in beta)
* Cyberpunk 2020 RPG
* Alternity RPG
* Rolemaster (2n edition)
* In Nomine Satanis Magna veritas (French version by CROC, V3 and V4).
* DragonballZ(in beta)
Download Details: Roleplaying Assistant
File Size:33.2 MB
Price:US$ 39.00
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Download ID:13170017
System:Windows All
Update Date:03-22-2006

RPA also gives you access to a full set of gaming tools usable for ANY role playing game systems:

* A Name generator with many name styles (SF, Tolkien, Japanese, etc) and a list of 6000 real names for your RPG characters.
* Spell book generator (with complete spell descriptions). Keeps tracks of your spells for you.
* Monster and encounter generator.
* Weather generator, gives you weather forecast for the days to come
* Party generator, creates a whole party in a single click
* Dice roller to automate complex dice throwing
* Fractal world generator, create maps of entire planets
* Dungeon mapper, create graphical maps for your dungeons
* The Dungeon master report will print a summary of the characters for you
* A complete background generator, get a detailed description of your character
* A Treasure generator, available from the randomizer module. Will generate a treasure based on AD&D 3rd edition rules.
* The Randomizer module, will generate about anything you can think of and you can customize it the way you want.
* Modify the reports, the report generator is a powerful tool enabling you to customize the output of ANY report produced by RPA.

And some other nice features:

* Templates available to print blank equipment, background, time tracking and many other sheets.
* Customize the database definition sets to add your own new worlds, skills, gear, spells, languages, races, classes, professi

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