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Hold'em Memory 1.0

Hold'em Memory is the program you have been waiting for, an indispensable tool for the online poker player. It has been developed by HighTech Developments Co. to memorize a player¡¯s actions in different game situations. Hold'em Memory will remind the player of the action that was pre-memorized for every hand.
Download Details: Hold'em Memory
File Size:6.98 MB
Price:US$ 29.00
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:13180024
System:Windows All
Update Date:06-21-2005

A new way of playing poker has been born. Join the future!!

Pot Odds, Hand Odds, Win Chance%, Outs... Know the chances of you to improve your hand, instantly. Know the chances of your hand to win, taking into account the number of active players. Know if your bet is profitable. You will save a lot of money!!

Is my game good or am I losing money?. Don't continue losing money with bad strategies. Create profiles with different playing styles and let Hold'em Memory test them playing in Play Money or low Real Money tables to check its effectiveness against "Real" players. You will be able to compare results and modify your game style until getting a winning strategy to play in Real Money tables.

Are you tired of click on the Fold button while you wait your cards?. Use the feature Auto-Fold in Real Money tables. Hold'em Memory will fold all hands that you don't want to play.

Become poker teacher. Create a profile and share it with other users. They will be able to follow your recommendations when they play.

Hold'em Memory will be able to see the displayed cards of all the tables even though they are covered by other windows.

You can create several strategies and change to any selected profile at any time.

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