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Activities and Priorities 1.0

Have you ever had the feeling you were so occupied with work that you neglected your health, relationships with friends or family? Or perhaps you have the opposite problem: You so enjoying mixing and socializing you tend to forget about your routine chores and responsibilities. If so, then you need Activities and Priorities.
Download Details: Activities and Priorities
File Size:1.75
Price:US$ 29.95
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Download ID:14100011
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:10-13-2006

* Easy to use
* Show current priorities of your activities.
* Arrange activities according to the values of their priorities in Priority Panel.
* Arrange activities in alphabetical order of their names in Input Panel.
* Use colors in Priority Panel to quickly distinguish high medium and low priority activities
* Forgive and forget errors in spent time entering, taking into account that it is difficult to remember exactly how much time you spent for an activity.
* The more distant is the past the less is its influence one current priority (Oblivion?? concept)
* Allow to see statistics of time spent for an activity.
* Allow you to make note (memo) for each activity.
* Allow you to see all information about an activity, including statistics and memo in convenient Activity Item Info dialog while you browse in Priority Panel.
* Allow you set planned time for an activity in different units: percents, hours per day, hours per week, hours per month.
* Help you adjust time parts if their sum is greater than all day waking time or greater than 100%.
* Allow you group activities of similar kinds into divisions (Pro version only).
* Allow divisions inside divisions.
* Have special Priority (Division) panel where you can easily compare priorities of divisions.

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