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The Collectors Crown 5.0.48

A database for discerning collectors of Antiques, Art, Books, Ceramics, Carnival Glass, Coins, Maps, Notes, Stamps, Special Collections, Videos, CD's, DVD's or Photos, that has a very attractive graphical interface, that may be customized. Variously sorted reports are available, as is a slideshow, address book, Appointments & Reminders. Records and Wish Lists may be e-mailed to others who have the same database.
Download Details: The Collectors Crown
File Size:10.3
Price:US$ 200.00
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:14150014
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:08-09-2006

The Collector¡¯s Crown contains the following Collector's Databases:

* The Antiques Collector
* The Art Collector
* The Book Collector
* The Stamp Collector
* The Coin Collector
* The Currency Collector
* The Photo Album
* The Video Collector
* The Map Collector
* The Ceramics Collector
* My Collector
* The Carnival Glass Collector

What's New :

* The Collector's Crown Version 5 is a complete re-write of Version 4 - and it is NOT compatible with this version, as it uses a different data structure.

* It features greatly improved display customization, 2 extra Collectors, one of which can be customized to a degree. It also expands the capabilities of the individual Collectors

* Great care has been taken to reduce the number of bugs.

* Version 5 can be used in most screen resolutions greater than (or equal to ) about 1024 x 768 , but is optimized for a 1280 x 920 resolution. It can be used at smaller resolutions, but will display very badly.

* While it was imperative to use A4 paper before, practically any paper size can be used with version 5.

* As of version 4.6.0 a new licensing model applies :
You may either purchase the full version Or, purchase one of the following collectors only :
1. The Antiques Collector
2. The Art Collector
3. The Book Collector
4. The Stamp Collector

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