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CardFile Pegasus 1.0

CardFile Pegasus - Use professional data management system to secure your most important data, be it CD keys, passwords, telephone numbers, addresses, E-mail, screen names, website links, recipes and any other data too important to lose.

CardFile Pegasus is designed to be your all-in-one data organizer. Use it to replace or supplement your rolodex, index cards, or any other personal information manager you may be using.
Download Details: CardFile Pegasus
File Size:916 KB
Price:US$ 19.97
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Download ID:14120015
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:06-26-2006


Turn on the password protection function to block illegal or unwanted access to your data ¨C keep your secrets a secret. Work with multiple licenses and exchange data between machines linked on your network.

DonĄ¯t have a network, or your second machine is not on one? Then save the file to a disk and transfer it to your machine manually. ItĄ¯s that easy.

You can also encrypt this data for your security and prevent anyone from opening the file and reading the contents. Again, keep your secrets a secret.

Avoid a data catastrophe by backing up your database with one of CardFile PegasusĄ¯s professional data management functions. And then, if your database gets corrupted, import it back into the program and keep working from where you left off at.

Internet and Email enabled.

Launch your mail program from CardFile Pegasus by entering a valid email address into the Keyword or Subject text field. To access the internet, enter a valid URL into the Keyword or Subject field to launch your browser to that website.

CardFile Pegasus is perfect for...

Data storage and centralizing your most important information so you know where it is when you want it. With CardFile Pegasus as your professional information manager, all of your most important data is accessible with one click of the mouse.

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