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FEAview 1.0

FEAview is a modeler and post-processor for linear static problems using MacNeal-Schwendler's MSC.Nastran??. FEAview supports all finite element types commonly used for linear static problems. FEAview is rich in graphics and transforms the geometry and results data into comprehensible charts and displays.
Download Details: FEAview
File Size:12.5
Price:US$ 295.00
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Download ID:14120027
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:13-02-2006

FEAview has several data presentation modes:

* 3D freebody plots with the numerical data drawn on the elements according to various switches.
* Various tabular displays that display all OUTPUT2 and geometric data for a selected element, node, property, material, or load.
* Color plots according to data, element, and variable types.
* Deformation animations.
* Max/Min plots, a 3D freebody plot where the loadcase number of the maximum and minimum of each variable is plotted.
* Loadcase history plots, a 2D plot showing the values of selected variables for all loadcases.
* Vector plots of solid element Normal, Shear, and Principal variables.

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