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Pratyush e-Card 1.0

Pratyush e-Card is a fully configurable greeting card written in pure java. The users can customize this card using a very easy to use graphical form which generates the required HTML tag. The card can be customized with the images of users(automatically resized in applet), custom colors, fonts, styles, text message, moving text messages.
Download Details: Pratyush e-Card
File Size:612 KB
Price:US$ 10.00
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:14120013
System:Windows XP/2000
Update Date:19-04-2004


* Fully customizable e-card.
* Highly flexible to suit user needs for any occasion (from Valentine's Day to Mother's Day).
* No prior installation of any executable required.
* Comes with configuration applet which makes customizing very convenient for ordinary users.
* RGB converter included for ready reference of users.
* Fully written in Java hence has all built in security features for the end users (sender and recepient).
* At the receipient end only browser required for viewing.
* Unlike other web hosted e-card it will never expire .
* It is free of all advertisements and can be customized to give your personal touch .
* It automatically detects the screen size and expands to fill the fullest possible size to give neat effect.
* Comes with default settings so the user has minimum work to do for customizing.
* Items essential for customizing has been marked in red and the others can be left to deafult for ease.
* No knowledge or meddling with intricate HTML tags is required.

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