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Structural Mechanics 1.0

Structural Mechanics is an FEA beam and shaft stress analysis program that can analyze space frames. Program features include 3D solid modeling, rigid joints, pinned joints, U-joints, automatic node assignments, cross section & material libraries, dtandard & custom cross section editors and powerful editing features.
Download Details: Structural Mechanics
File Size:2.86
Price:US$ 100.00
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Download ID:14120028
System:Windows XP/2000/98
Update Date:14-02-2006


* Linear Finite Element Analysis of space frames, shafts and beams using line elements and elementary beam theory.
* Beam objects
* Stepped shaft objects
* Rigid and pinned joints. Bearing and U-joint modeling
* Static analysis
* Dynamic analysis & vibration analysis: beam masses modeled as a continuous, distributed masses rather than point masses.
* Fatigue analysis
* Thermal expansion/contraction analysis (static delta T)
* Unlimited number of nodes & elements
* Beams represented graphically as 3D solids, wireframes or single lines (Neutral axis)
* 3D CAD interface
* Minimum 6 DOF per node
* Automatic node assignments (no need to draw beams in segments, neutral axis intersections are recognized as nodes)
* Define standard & custom cross sections and shaft profiles
* Cross section and material libraries (user generated)
* Concentrated force & moment loads - either static or harmonic (Fourier series)
* Distributed force & moment loads - either static or harmonic (Fourier series)
* Concentrated & distributed mass loads - respond to gravity and acceleration
* Static and dynamic support displacements (Seismic simulations)
* Summary report generation which includes support reactions
* Results include:
* Animation of steady-state dynamic results - either entire system or single beam/shaft graphs

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