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Access Control 1.0

Access Control Now you can lockdown your PC, filter websites, filter applications, filter chat usage, and much more all with a single program! Create different settings for every user on your computer for total control! Stay in control of what your children can do on the computer when you aren't around to keep an eye with Access Control
Download Details: Access Control
File Size:1.0 MB
Price:US$ 39.95
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Download ID:14140023
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:10-12-2003


Loads for single or ALL users automatically at startup.

Loads in stealth - totally hidden and password protected.

Cannot be shutdown in anyway without privilege to do so!

Optional splash screen notifies users they are being restricted.

All events are logged for archiving purposes - see when users tried to use a filtered program, when they tried to view a filtered website, etc - all with date and time!

Filter websites and filter applications, games, etc.

Filter ALL chat programs (AOL, AOL IM, Yahoo, MSN, Trllian, mIRC, etc) .

Disable Windows functions and loads automatically on startup.

Cannot be shutdown in anyway and password protected.

Install in stealth mode optional and optional splash warning screen at login.

All events are logged - see when filters took action.

Choose which hours you wish filtering to be active and custom filter rules for EVERY user on your system and much more...

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