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Month End 1.0

Month End is a VB ActiveX component. This product lets you select begin and end dates by left-clicking on the "From" month and right-clicking on "To" month. A double click selects that month. The control exposes properties and events for the beginning and ending dates that you selected, as well as the beginning and ending dates for all the months in between. Three different modes for different calendar types: Regular, 4-week months, and 13-week quarters.
Download Details: Month End
File Size:200 KB
Price:US$ 139.95
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Download ID:17100011
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:30-03-2004


Left-click for From-Month value (like Jan 1, 2003).

Right-click for To-Month value (like Aug 31, 2003).

The year drop-down relates to ToDate. Whatever is the year, that's the year of ToMonth. Think about it. You really don't NEED to know what the year of FromMonth is if you know the year of ToMonth.

Double-click to get one month FROM - and - TO dates.

The program will NOT allow you to select dates outside of your range.No errors appear to disturb your users, the control just KNOWS what you want, and re-adjusts itself accordingly.

The control exposes the month NUMBER of the values you selected. Like, if your data goes from Oct 1, 2002 through Dec, 2004, that's 27 months. If you select May, 2002 through Feb, 2003, the control returns 8 through 17. This is great for programs that summarize all data in months by column, or in a back-end program. Help tells you how to calculate dates with Month End.

As you cross years the calendar adjusts itself to accommodate what you mean. If you select ToDate as Feb, 2002, then right-click on Dec, the control KNOWS that you mean Dec, 2001, so it re-adjusts the year drop-down.

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