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How to convert WMA to CDA?

Burn your WMA audio format to audio CD for playing on regular stereo and keeping enduringly.

Windows Media Audio (WMA) was developed to compete with the MP3 format for Windows Media Player. It is Microsoft's audio encoding format for storing digital audio in both lossy and lossless. Though not as popular as MP3, WMA tends to outperform MP3 in the area of sound quality, particularly with files encoded at lower file sizes. Microsoft claims that the WMA files are compressed three times more than MP3s yet retain their original sound quality.

CDA is file extension of audio files stored on an audio CD, which also is abbreviation of CD Audio. It's the format of audio on a standard RedBook CD which means CD audio tracks, which features the best audio quality. A CDA file has a size of 44 bytes which include audio header information of an audio track. CDA files are actually pointers to the locations of the individual tracks on the CD medium.

Why we need to convert WMA to CDA? WMA audio format has high quality output and lower file sizes. This performance advantage makes it handy for applications like portable digital audio players. But it can not be played on a CD Player or discman. If you want to listen your WMA songs with CD Player, car CD players or on regular stereo, you need to convert your WMA to CDA. Another merit of converting is quite obvious, CDs can be keeped for good and all.

The procedure of converting WMA to CDA is called "burning" and the program that can convert WMA to CDA is often named "CD Burner". You need at least one CD-R/RW drive; Pentium 90MHZ or better. Choose the WMA files you'd like to convert, then make your own audio CD with CD burner software. So where to download the CD burners?

buy Download the Ease CD burner here
buy Download the Ultra MP3 to CD Burner here
buy Download the MP3 to CD Burners Pro here

How to convert WMA into CDA? Here is one of the CD burner step by step guide, tell you the procedure of converting in detail. Ease CD burner enables you to make your own audio CD easily and quickly!

Step 1. Download Ease CD burner here.

Step 2. Click 'Add' button to add the files you want to write to your CD.

Step 3. You can also select the folder containing the audio files you want to write to your CD. All the WAV, MP3, OGG and WMA files in the folder will be added to the the filelist automatically.

Step 4. Click right-mouse on the playlist, then click 'Clear File Record' to remove all the files in your playlist, so that you can create a new filelist.

Step 5. Adjust the file order by clicking Up, Down button.

Step 6. Select the one that you want from the Recording Device list if there are more than one recording device on your computer.

Step 7. Select a speed the CD supports from Write Speed list.

Step 8. Click 'Writer CD' button to start your writing.

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