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How to mix MP3 files?

Mix, create, edit, and play mixed sequences of your MP3 music files

MP3 is a popular digital audio encoding and lossy compression format. It was designed to greatly reduce the amount of data required to represent audio, yet still sound like a faithful reproduction of the original uncompressed audio to most listeners.

Either you are a music lover who wants to burn your own mixed CDs, or a professional DJ who performs in a nightclub, an MP3 Mixer program is the must. It enables you to record your own sounds and layer sound effects and music tracks to create your own audio mixes, and so on.

Using MP3 Mixer you can visualy define and inspect the points where the entries overlap, define the location and slope of the fade-in and fade-out portions, view and alter the ordering of the entries within the sequence, and play the final result.

Then how to use MP3 Mixer to edit your MP3 files? More related info and the step by step guide are offered below, helping you mix your MP3s like a Master DJ. Here we list related programs which support this function:

buy Download the Virtual DJ Studio here

buy Download the EZ DJ Mixer Plus here

buy Download the Dexster here

Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer is music mixer software and audio MP3 DJ mixer enables you to record your own sounds and layer sound effects and music tracks to create your own audio mixes. Whether you're a DJ or just creating cool mix CDs, this tool is for you! So you want to get started in a hurry? Follow "SoundWarrior" through the steps to MP3 Audio Mixer mastery!

Step 1. Download Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer here.

Step 2. Start MP3 Audio Mixer: SoundWarrior double clicks the MP3 Audio Mixer icon on his desktop.

Step 3. Drag in some sounds: SoundWarrior has a good sound of a cave-woman scream called arghhh1.wav. The sound is located in "c:\cavescreams\", which he finds, and then drags the sound's icon onto the MP3 Audio Mixer window.

Step 4. Drag in some more sounds: SoundWarrior also drags in stampede.wav, the sound of a herd of Mastodons stampeding by his cave. Finally, he drags in an MP3 called "rockrolls.mp3", some of the latest music from "The Stoners"

Step 5. Make a recording if you want: SoundWarrior hits the record button and the record dialog comes up. He punches the record button on the dialog and screams into his microphone "You make fire now! I make fire yesterday!" He then hits the stop button, previews the sound and saves it as "me_talk1.wav".

Step 6. Save: SoundWarrior hits ctrl-S and a dialog box asks him to name the Sound Group. He calls it cavesound1.sgp.

Step 7. Export As an MP3 file: He wants to put it on so others can be jealous of his work of art. He selects "Save As A? from the "File" menu and then selects "MP3 file" which brings up a dialog. He finds the best MP3 format for the job. In this case, he selects "CD Quality" and hits the preview button. The default MP3 player comes up and plays 5 seconds in the MP3 format. He likes it and then hits the save button.

Step 8. Find a Mastodon to chase? With all the time he saved, he can take the rest of the day off. Maybe he'll draw some paintings or even sharpen a stick.
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