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How to create PDF file

Create professional-quality documents in the popular PDF file format.

PDF stands for Portable Document. PDF file enables a document to be distributed and exchanged in a consistent manner. When a PDF document is created it looks exactly like the original document. Fonts, images, graphics and layout are retained regardless of the software or operating system used to create the document. This enables documents to be shared with anyone and makes them ideal for use on a website or for sending by e-mail. PDF files can be created using any program on the staff or student desktop.

In many cases, you may need to create documents which are portable, and can be viewed and printed by people using different computers, operating systems and printers. For simple text, such as this file, HTML is usually the simplest and best option. When print quality, precision and versatility are critical, e.g. to support formulas, HTML is insufficient. Instead, Viewing and printing PDF files is easy on almost all platforms.

If you want to create PDF files, you need PDF creator. PDF creator is the software which can create your own PDF files from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TIFF, DWG, JPEG, and so on.

Once a PDF file has been created the content cannot be changed. If a mistake is made whilst creating the file, the original document should be edited and the PDF file re-created. PDF files can be viewed and printed using a free program, Adobe Reader, that many users have on their PCs. Adobe Reader 6.0 is installed on all staff and student PCs.

In lower right corner, you could find many guides about how to create PDF file, such as Convert DWG to PDF, Convert HTML to PDF, Convert JPEG to PDF, Convert PPT to PDF, etc. The following is to tell you how to create PDF file from Excel with Excel to PDF Converter. It is a Excel Addin component/DLL that convert XLS to PDF, Excel document to PDF automatically. And it doesn't need any software such as adobe acrobat.

Step.1 Download Excel to PDF Converter here and install it. After you have install it successfully, you can see a toolbar in MS Excel 2000 or higher.

Step.2 Open an Excel Document from which you want to create PDF file in the MS Excel 2000 or higher.

Step.3 Click "PDF Setting" button in the toolbar to open Setting dialog. From here, you merely need to change the entries in the GUI to suit your needs, and the PDF will be produced according to your specifications.

Step.4 Click "Save as PDF " button to convert current document to PDF. Specify the path and file name for the PDF file.
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