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Cash Converter

Powerful unit tools converting every kind of measure units quickly and accurately

Would you like to know what your money's worth in other currencies? Cash Converter is this kind of software which allows you to perform interactive foreign exchange rate calculations using live, up-to-the-minute currency rates.

Just who's using the services for the currency conversions on the Internet, or for foreign exchange market forecasts? All kinds of people, from someone who wants to know the latest exchange rate to investment specialists in the largest banks.

A excelllent Cash Converter normally collects data for most foreign currencies . This data is intended primarily for people with a research interest in foreign exchange markets, and represents a sampling of currencies from various regions. More comprehensive currency converters are available on the web.

Whether you're seeking up-to-the minute reliable forecasts of the foreign exchange markets, or want to convert currencies based on one of the best sets of data in the financial industry, we're sure you'll find this tool timely, accurate, and fun.

Universal Currency Converter is the right software that can help you access the largest foreign exchange database on the Internet. More related info and the step by step guide are also offered below:

The Universal Currency Converter is the world's most popular currency tool, allows you to perform interactive foreign exchange rate calculations on the Internet, using live, up-to-the-minute currency rates. This "full" version contains every known world currency. To make on-line foreign exchange transactions with guaranteed best rates, use XEtrade, our discount on-line foreign exchange system.

Step 1. Find the Universal Currency Converter here.

Step 2. To start, simply type the amount of source currency in the input box. You may include commas and a decimal point.

Step 3. Next, select the source and destination currencies using the scrolling selection boxes. (Note that there are far more currencies available than the initial five displayed.)

Step 4. When you are finished, push the "Perform Currency Conversion" button, and the results of your conversion will be displayed.

The Full version of Universal Currency Converter is over 180 currencies in over 250 geographical locations! While having every world currency available is nice, it can make it a little difficult to find the one you're looking for. If this list is a little too large for your purposes, try the shorter standard version .

This standard version is for ease of use. The top ten currencies sorted by popularity are listed first, and next come the top 85 currencies sorted by country name. Special units and precious metals are listed both alphabetically as well as in their own sections at the end of this list.

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