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Convert audio format WAV to AMR files for using with your mobile phone

Now in internet, there are many free resource WAV files. Some of them are perfect, but too large size for our mobile phone, how to transfer them into our phone? WAV to AMR Converter is the right kind software for you. With it you can convert WAV files which played on your PC into AMR files.

AMR is an advanced voice codec for GSM. A voice codec translates sound into digital data and vice-versa. AMR is more efficient than older codecs such as FR, EFR, and HR. Increased efficiency provides increased network capacity as more phones with AMR are deployed. Increased network capacity means more people can use each tower at the same time, reducing failed/dropped calls.

AMR gains efficiency by being "adaptive". Unlike older standards, AMR automatically operates in different modes depending on signal conditions, and continuously adjusts to match the sounds being transmitted. The AMR format is used by many mobile phones right now, for sound recordings and for MMS and will be used in future GSM systems (3G).

WAV is a common, basic file format. Created by Microsoft and IBM, WAV was one of the first audio file types developed for the PC. WAV files are defined as lossless, meaning that files are large and complete; nothing has been lost. They're bulky, but simple; any computer can play them, and they sound fine.

Here we list some perfect WAV to AMR converters software for users of any experience level. With them you only need several simple steps to make your favorite music into ringtone. You can also preview, adjust the volume, and accurately select your favorite part, to make a fantastic ringtone.

Related Software for WAV to AMR Converter
Mobile Ringtone Converter Mobile Ringtone Converter   download 1   download 2
It can Convert audio MP3 WAV etc. to Mobile Ringtone as MP3, AMR, WAV, AMR WB+, OGG, MMF; and can import MP3, AMR, WAV, AMR WB+, OGG, MPEG, AIFF, AU, etc. audio file. It also can add recording track to audio; input source is from Microphone, CD Player, Sterte Mix, Line In; and edit Wavform. (cut, copy, delete, silent...).
Joy RingTone Converter Joy RingTone Converter   download 1   download 2
It enables you to create your own ringtones by converting your MP3, WAVE files and CD tracks to the most common Ringtone format, including MMF, AMR, MP3, MIDI, WAV, AAC, 3GP and MP4. The contained CD Ripper extracts digital audio CD tracks to audio formats of WAV and MP3 with excellent output quality and high ripping speed.
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