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Convert ASF format file to AVI format one; ASF to AVI converting software for you.

ASF, Advanced (formerly Active) Streaming Format, was developed by Microsoft in 1995-1998. Its main purpose is to serve as a universal format for storing and streaming media. There are two versions of ASF. Version that is known as 2.0 is well-documented and its specifications are publicly available. Unfortunately, they are not very helpful for developers because this format is not widely used (if used at all).

On the other hand, there's another version of ASF format (1.0). It is extremely popular. All files with extensions .asf, .asx, .wmv and .wma that you can find in the "Net" are stored in ASF 1.0. Microsoft never released any documentation covering this format. There's a rumor that this format is even patented! This situation similar to the one with MPEG-4 specifications: Microsoft appears to take active apart in development of specifications for MPEG-4 but does not use these formats in its products, instead, it promotes their closed-source variation DivX;-) and Windows Media Video. As long as Microsoft does not provide implementations of ASF reader minimal specification of the format to implement tools for working with ASF 1.0 on all other platforms. This document tries to organize all available information covering the format, received from different sources.

Readers are encouraged to get acquainted with ASF 2.0 specifications to better understand the ideas beyond the format and other features that it offers.

ASF (Advanced Streaming Format) is a file format that stores audio and video information and is specially designed to run over networks like the Internet. It is a highly flexible and compressed format that contains content to be delivered to you as a continuous flow of data with little wait time before playback begins. This means that you no longer have to wait for your audio and video files to fully download before starting to view them. You simply launch the Windows Media Player and begin. For example, you can spend more than 40 minutes to download an uncompressed AVI file that's 40 seconds long over a 28.8 kbps modem, and that requires 1.5 Mbps in bandwidth to play it back. It would be virtually impossible to deliver training presentations that run approximately 20 minutes each segment. When that AVI file is compressed and converted to ASF, it begins playing after only a few seconds. The file can be of virtually unlimited length, and can run over Internet bandwidths.

AVI stands for "Audio Video Interlaced". This video format was created by Microsoft. It is a file format like MP3 or JPG. But unlike these formats, AVI is a container format, meaning it can contain video audio compressed using many different combinations of codecs. So while MP3 and JPG can only contain a certain kind of compression (MPEG Audio Layer 3 and JPEG), AVI can contain many different kinds of compression (e.g. DivX video + WMA audio or Indeo video + PCM audio), as long as a codec is available for encoding/decoding. AVI all look the same on the "outside", but on the "inside", they may be completely different.

ASF to AVI Converter Software
AimOne Video Converter AimOne Video Converter   download 1   download 2
A great software utility which supports converting between AVI MPEG VCD SVCD DVD ASF RM and RealMedia.
ASF Converter ASF Converter   Buy For Instant Download Now  
A powerful Windows Media files converter converts ASF to AVI, ASF to MPG MPEG, WMV to AVI, WMV to MPEG, AVI to ASF WMV, etc.
download 1   download 2
Batch convert Rm Ram Rmvb Avi Wmv Asf Mpg to VCD DVD SVCD MPEG1 MPEG2 AVI MP3 ASF easily and quickly.
Magic Video Batch Converter Magic Video Batch Converter   download 1   download 2
Batch convert MPEG VOB MPG ASF AVI RM WMV DVD VCD SVCD from one to another.
Advanced X Video Converter Advanced X Video Converter   download 1   download 2
A comprehensive video conversion utility converts, joins, and splits video files among AVI, MPEG, MOV, WMV/ASF, VCD/DAT and SVCD.
ConvertMovie ConvertMovie   download 1   download 2
A simple yet smart and powerful video converter with the abiity of converting ASF to AVI.
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