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    Free Nad Fun Brain Game

    Help you improve your ability of memory, counting and reaction. Fun Braingame is very easy to use and interesting memory training game design for all the people from kids to elder.
    Free Nad Fun Brain Game Free Nad Fun Brain Game Do you feel you are often forgetting things important now? Do you often make error in counting? You need some thing to help you improve your ability of brain. Nad Fun Brain Game is interesting memory training game design for all the people from kids to elder.
    Nad Fun Brain Brain Game includes 6 brain games that are Riddles Game, Operator Game, Numbers Game, Graphics Game, Picture Game and Maximum Game. 1. Riddles Game has some questions very interesting. 2. Operator Game shows an equation, and the player must select the correct operator in 3 second. 3. Numbers Game show 1 to 5 in different position; the player must remember their order in 5 second. 4. Graohics Game show 9 graphics, after 5 second, the player need to pick out the position for the graphic showed beside. 5. Picture Game show 4 pictures, select the one conquer the other one showed above. 6. Maximum Game need the player picks out the maximum number in 3 second.
    Free Game $0.00    Download Now [ 344 KB ]
    How to play Nad Fun Brain Game?
    • 1. Play Riddles Game - there are some questions here, and those questions are very interesting, please try to answer all the questions, if you don't know the answer, you could get the answer from the website that show on the screen.
    • 2. Play Operator Game - it will show an equation, and you must select the correct operator in 3 second.
    • 3. Play Number Game - it will show numbers from 1 to 5, you have 5 second to remember the order, after that, you must click the right position from 1 to 5 in 5 second.
    • 4. Play Graphic Game - there are 9 graphics showed, you have 5 second to remember. then all the graphics will be covered, and you have 3 second to select the right position where the top graphic was showed!
    • 5. Play Picture Game - Tiger eat Chicken, Chicken eat Worm, Worm destory Stick, Stick strike Tiger. you must select the one who can conuer which was showed at top.
    • 6. Play Maximum Game - it will show 10 number on the screen, you must select the maximum number in 3 second.
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    Nad Fun Brain Game

    File Size:
    344 KB

    Freeware, Free Game

    Windowns Me NT 2000 XP X


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