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    Aveyond - 50+ Hours of gameplay!

    50+ Hours of gameplay, 60+ quests! Fight monsters and explore a medieval world! Aveyond is packed with more than 60 quests, hundreds of places to explore, and over 50 hours of game play.
    Aveyond50+ Hours of gameplay, 60+ quests! Fight monsters and explore a medieval world! Aveyond is packed with more than 60 quests, hundreds of places to explore, and over 50 hours of game play.

    Rhen Darzon is a young girl who lives in the small village of Clearwater. One day while Rhen is outside playing, a mysterious Priestess appears and asks for Rhen's help.

    Shortly after, a slave trader comes to the village and mistakes Rhen for the Priestess. He captures her and sells her into slavery. For several months, Rhen remains in slavery until one day she accidentally casts sword magic on the son of her master.

    Rhen is sent to the Shadwood Academy to train as a Sword Singer. While she is there, Rhen learns of a plot to destroy her land and she is drawn into a quest to stop a dark prophecy.
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    Aveyond Key Features:
    • Party Leader:You can change the leader of your party. The leader of your party appears on screen as you journey across the isles.
    • Guilds: There are several guilds throughout the isles. Many of the spells your sorcerer, Lars, learns depends upon the guild he joins. Lars can only join ONE guild, so choose wisely.
    • Orbs: You can find powerful orbs and attach them to an orb staff. A sorcerer can use the orb staff to magnify spells.
    • Swords of Power: You can find swords of power that, when equipped, let your sword singer, Rhen, use powerful sword spells.
    • Journal: Your journal contains all of the quests you¡¯ve agreed to conquer. This is helpful if you are in the process of completing multiple quests and don¡¯t want to remember them all in your head.
    • Marriage: Some of the characters can get married. If you try to marry them off outright, they will get angry and embarrassed. If you woo them, however, you might succeed in getting them to wed each other.
    • Mansion and Pets: Buy a mansion and fill it with pets from different lands.
    • Dragons: Capture a dragon and use it to fly to your destinations.
    • Treasure Maps: Find treasure maps and use them to discover buried treasures.
    • Companion System: You can have up to eight party members (four active, four reserve), ten friends, and one creature in your party.
    • Demon Summon System: One character, Elini, is a demon summoner. If you take her on your journey, she can study demons and learn how to summon them.
    • Creature System: Lars can capture creatures during battle. Each creature has special properties that can enhance your party¡¯s statistics.
    • Action/Strategy Battle System: You encounter enemies in real-time, and if battle ensues, you fight in strategy mode.
    Meet the Characters
    • Rhen Darzon
      Peasant girl from a small mountain village called Clearwater. She is captured and sold as a slave in Ghalarah to Mistress Rona Tenobor, but is freed when it is discovered she can learn sword magic and become a sword singer.
    • Lars Tenobor
      Mean-spirited noble boy who is from the eastern city Ghalarah. He is the son of Mistress Rona Tenobor who owns Rhen. In the city, it is well known that Lars can learn magic and is going to become a sorcerer. When he learns that Rhen is going to attend his school and become a sword singer, he sets out to make her life miserable.
    • Dameon Maurva
      Young, powerful sun priest who has turned away from the light. He joins Rhen and attempts to lure her into his evil master¡¯s grasp.
    • Elini Lithir de Aramati
      Exotic demon summoner who is from a southern city called Veldt. She has three husbands, but has left her city to find a new husband to add to her collection.
    • Te'ijal Ravenfoot
      Vampress who has the desire to leave her midnight village and see the surface. She has a mean bite and an unhealthy appetite for pure-hearted paladins.
    • Galahad Teomes
      Royal paladin who sees the world in black and white. He is convinced that magic does not exist and joins the party because he thinks Rhen must be protected from the forces of evil, which includes the vampress, Te'ijal.
    • Pirate John
      Randy pirate who is good at getting in trouble. In his earlier days, he was a daring dragon rider for the empire of Veldt, but left to escape a Veldt woman with four husbands.
    • Mad Marge
      Tough tavern owner with a short temper. She is as big as a horse and as mean as a bear with a sore tooth.
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    File Size:
    45.3 MB

    Free to try

    Windows 98+ (Not compatible with some builds of Windows 2000)

    PC with 800MHz Intel Pentium III or higher
    256 MB RAM
    Hard Drive 100 MB
    DirectSound-compatible sound card
    1024x768 or better video resolution in High Color mode


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