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PC Game Downloads

Play all kinds of games on your PC.

A pc (personal computer) game is a form of interactive multimedia used for entertainment played on a pc. Presently, the term more accurately encompasses games that run on general purpose computers, including certain earlier home computers models, which are capable of operating other applications besides computer games.

PC games are usually distributed using standard storage units for personal computers, such as compact discs and most recently, DVDs. Floppy disks have also been widely used in the past, and certain games are also distributed via the Internet.

There are many categories of PC game, including Action Games, Kids Games, Arcade Games, Card Game, Puzzle Game, etc. The following games we recommend are fun. You can try them.

Related PC Game
Bettys Beer Bar Game Bettys Beer Bar Game download 1   download 2
Help the sexy Betty's leave her workplace and buy her own island in the caribbean Beer Bar!
Fatman Blocks 2 Fatman Blocks 2 download 1   download 2
Help Fatman complete his treasure hunt adventure! Now colorful blocks and bricks falling from above give even more fun.
Moleculous Moleculous   download 1   download 2
Join forces with the world renowned Dr. Von Leakentube and discover the formula for Cold Fusion before the world's energy supply disappears.
Atlantis Quest Atlantis Quest   download 1   download 2
It is a classic style matching game with a dazzling new twist you will need to discover pieces of ancient artifacts.
Aqua Digger 3D Aqua Digger 3D   download 1   download 2
It is a shining 3D arcade kid game based on classical dig-and-collect-all-the-treasures concept.
Dinos And Bubbles Dinos And Bubbles   download 1   download 2
The game will require your time, skills and the power of your 3D accelerator!
Cosmo Bots Cosmo Bots   download 1   download 2
It is one of those games that you just can't stop playing! It's fun, easy, yet takes skill to master.
Pax Galaxia Game Pax Galaxia Game   download 1   download 2
It is a uniquely addictive real time strategy game of stellar conquest.
Rummi Game Rummi Game   download 1   download 2
An interesting game of strategy, combination and luck. It is suitable for both children and adults!
Lenny in Space Lenny in Space   download 1   download 2
Lenny and Donga in their epic quest to save the human race from the evil Sluggees!
Foosball Game Foosball Game   download 1   download 2
Play a game of Table Football against the computer or against up to 8 people on a network.
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