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Manna Munchers Game   Enigmo Game
Manna Munchers GameManna Munchers Game Once your new game has begun, CLICK anywhere on the board and Chuck will go to that space along the green path. He'll eat any food he walks into along the way. More...   Enigmo GameEnigmo is a 3D puzzle game where you move various streams of flowing liquid so that the droplets get to their destination. Liquids fall from "droppers" and will bounce around the walls of a mechanism. More...
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995 MAHJONG for Pocket PC   Ada Cartoon Solitaire Game
995 MAHJONG for Pocket PC995 MAHJONG for Pocket PC brings the excitement of solitaire Mahjong (also know as Mahjongg, Mah Jong, or Mah Jongg) to your Pocket PC handheld. PC Mahjong Solitaire game with 50 layouts! More...   Ada Cartoon Solitaire GameAda Cartoon Solitaire the most popular and interesting picture-matching game based on mah jong solitaire.Your goal is to remove all the matching pictures by inking pair of them. More...
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Trivia Machine Game   Crystal Cave Gold Game
Trivia Machine GameTrivia Machine Game - Climb to the top of the ladder by answering fun questions from the trivia machine! The game features over 7,000 trivia questions in 9 fun categories. The unique game play involves strategy as well as trivia knowledge... More...   Crystal Cave - Crystal Cave Gold GameCrystal Cave Gold contains more than 100 levels sorted by the difficulty in three graphic scenarios, with lots of logical riddles as well as action elements. Use boulders, different types of rocks and teleports to get gems and to escape from monsters. More...
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Puzzle Myth Game   Fiber Tree Game
Puzzle Myth GamePuzzle Myth Game: is a really addictive game for the whole family. Inlay mosaic with beautiful gems and find ways to combine gem images so as to get various bonuses. More...   Fiber Tree GameFiber Tree Game: Addictive, simple and original, this puzzle game is sure to win your heart. The goal of the game is to inlay the board with branchlike pieces and connect them so as to make closed figures. More...
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Combo Chaos Game   Soda Pipes Game
Combo Chaos GameCombo Chaos - Put your brain to the test with this fast-paced puzzler. Track down matching images to clear the screen before it fills up. More...   Soda Pipes GameSoda Pipes is different from similar themed games as several flows may be running at the same time and a flow may divide into brilliant sub flows. More...
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Holiday Express Game   Slingo Deluxe Game
Holiday Express GameCelebrate the holidays by delivering colorful presents on the Holiday Express! You'll need to arrange the gifts to fill up the train and reveal festive photos! More...   Slingo Game - Play slingo Deluxe GameIt is the unique and exciting combination of legendary favorites: Bingo and Slots. It was first developed as a traditional 5-reel slot machine in 1995 ... More...
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Rocknor's Donut Factory Game   TeamUp Game
Rocknors Donut Factory GameIt is a clever puzzle game that combines Robots, Donuts, and Hover technology into a wild combination of conniving puzzles that takes creativity, experimentation , and good old-fashioned trial-and-error to solve. More...   TeamUp GameTeamUp Game - In TeamUp, you help a team of characters solve puzzles by working together and using their unique abilities; one can jump, one can slide boxes, and another can throw other characters. More...
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Ballz3D Game   Diskolor Game
Ballz3D GameBallz3D is an addictive puzzle based on the famous Lines game. The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible by forming various shapes with colored gems. More...   Diskolor GameDiskolor is an arcade puzzle game. Its objective is to arrange colorful disks, which change their color when they come into contact with each other, in such a way as to fill lines with black disks only. More...
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Amusing Balls Game   Clickris Game
Amusing Balls GameA-PoP! is a puzzle game, inspired by the game 'E-Motion' developed by US-Gold in 1990. The idea is to clear a screen by bumping similar colored bubbles into each other to pop them all. More...   Clickris GameClickris The goal of game is to get as much points as you can by removing stones from game field. You would click on groups of stones with the same picture, but not on isolated stones. More...
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A-PoP! Game   3D Blocks Game
A-PoP! GameDropheads with hilarious animations keep falling from the top and you should clear them before they get too high. Expect the situation getting a bit more complicated when various special elements appear... More...   3D Blocks Game3D Blocks is the ultimate among the Tetris-like 3D games.Amazing construction kit with preinstalled 17 fully functional semi-classic true 3D games with fresh variations.More...
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ClickPuzzle Game   Arkanoid 4000 Game
ClickPuzzle GameIt is a fun arcade-style puzzle game for Windows, it is suitable for all ages. You will spend much time with this game because it is easy and mind free game. More...   Arkanoid 4000 GameArkanoid 4000 is a classical game concept placed in the absolutely new gaming environment. The game takes place inside a moving frame. More...
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PuzzleBox Game   Jig Jag! Game
PuzzleBox GamePuzzleBox is the cognitive- entertainment learning game. With help of it your child can: collect pictures from the puzzle sets (small picture pieces with various shapes)... More...   Jig Jag! GameJig Jag! Assemble the pictures and they spring to life off the board! Familiar concept yet like nothing you've ever played before, Instantly rewarding yet rich enough to play for months... More...
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PUZZTRIX for Windows Game   RatMaster Game
PUZZTRIX for Windows GamePUZZTRIX brings to mind classical games such as Puzznic or Brix. The goal is simple: Eliminate all colored objects! These are the rules: 1. All movable objects are under the force of gravity ... More...   RatMaster GameRatMaster As the rat master you must help the maze get your rat to the cheese! Slide around pieces of the maze, but keep your eyes open and your mind focused! There are snakes, keys, doors, electric fences... More...
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Breaker of blocks Game   Chinese Puzzle Game
Breaker of blocks Game Breaker of blocks The idea of the game is to move the blocks around the screen until 2 or more of the same block touch. Once this is done they disappear. Once all the squares have gone and the round cleared... More...   Chinese Puzzle GameChinese Puzzle which is also called Chinese Sliding-Block is most famous and interesting thing of them. 1800 years ago, China was not a single country, but formed by three kingdoms. More...
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Famous Quotes Word   Druids Battle of Magic
Famous Quotes Word Easy to learn, fun to play, hard to put down! In this very addicting word puzzle game, the letters of 2- to 7-line quotes are dropped directly below the game board. More...   Druids Battle of Magic Druids: Battles of Magic is a fantasy adventure that involves swapping magic components to create sets and fill the bars of mana. More...
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Wonderland Secret Worlds   Treasure Island
Famous Quotes Word Easy to learn, fun to play, hard to put The unique mix of puzzle solving and arcade/action is back in Wonderland Secret Worlds. A magical storm has blown into Wonderland and swept away the little Stinkers. More...   Treasure Island A fun adventure to the Caribbean to discover treasures buried by sea pirates.Treasure Island continues the recent spate of wonderfully crafted puzzle games from NevoSoft. More...
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PrettyPictures1   Ping Ball Game
PrettyPictures1 Match each of small pictures to generate a big pretty picture. You can choose the difficulty level by decreasing or increasing the number of puzzle pieces. More...   PrettyPictures1 Ping Ball Game is a fun new arcade puzzle game for all the family. Simple to pick up, but impossible to put down. Keep you entertained for hours! More...
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