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    Federation Booker

    Federation Booker is arguably the first pro game EVER to take you behinds the scenes and give you control of your own wrestling promotion.
    Federation Booker Federation Wrestling is all well and good, but that game was a mere warm-up act - it's time for the main event! The fact that you won control of "Federation Online" in the first game was no empty gesture - in the sequel you step into the office and do it for real. Titled "Federation Booker", this new game brings you the same action-packed gameplay of Federation Wrestling PLUS a plethora of unsurpassed management features. A promising combination if ever there was one! Here's the definitive preview of what you can expect from the full game...

    Federation Booker is arguably the first pro game EVER to take you behinds the scenes and give you control of your own wrestling promotion. We all know it's what every wrestling fan has always dreamt of - but no other developer seems to appreciate that, leaving this lucrative genre completely untouched. No longer though! This is potentially the ultimate wrestling package, offering unsurpassed detail in AND out of the ring. We all know about what happens in the ring - that's what Federation Wrestling was about. So what 'booking' aspects have been added to this new game
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    All About The Ratings
    The big difference is that this game is all about 'entertainment'. Everybody knows that wrestling is 'fake' and this game is no different. For the first time ever, it doesn't really matter who wins or loses - you're playing for a good post-match score. Your matches are accurately assessed and awarded a 5 star rating based on how entertaining they were. Exactly what makes a match entertaining is split into 2 parts: hype and execution. Your choice of match, angle, and the wrestlers involved constitutes the hype - but that's nothing without good ring action, and that's what you're responsible for as a player. When you step into the ring you've got to use your imagination and playing skills to steer the match in a fun and coherent direction. Although there's an in-game display, the crowd are your natural yardstick. Their volume is linked to how entertained they, so you always get a good feel for how into a match they are. You also know when they're not into a match, thanks to the new "boring" chant! Although it signals the death of your bout, it's always fun to hear. A good night of action will improve the whole show's popularity rating, whereas a bad one will decrease it - and that's where the long term game lies. The aim of the game is to make Federation Online the most popular TV show in the world...
    A whole host of new wrestler statistics have been added because of the booking. In addition to the existing ones there's Charisma (how good they are at cutting promos and putting over feuds), Toughness (how resistant they are to injury), Happiness (how happy they are with their career), and Attitude (how well behaved they are in real life). Additionally, some of the existing stats have taken on new meaning. "Popularity" actually means something now, as it's the key ingredient for an entertaining bout. It also matters whether the characters are Heels or Faces because there's a chemistry bonus when putting good guys against bad guys. There are further statistics that relate more to business, such as how old they are, how many matches they've worked, their weekly cost, and their contract length...
      The statistics fluctuate as they would in real life. Over time, wrestlers can get better or worse in every single area. Some you can influence, such as Popularity and Happiness which increase with wins and decrease with losses. However, the physical statistics are a little less reliable. Injuries and beatings take their toll, and sometimes the only cure is to commit guys to the gym. Here you can train any of the key attributes - but the trainee will be held off the active roster until they return. How well they progress depends on their Age and their Attitude. As in real life, wrestlers reach a physical peak around the age of 35 - and from thereon it's all downhill. There is one saviour for old and lazy wrestlers alike though: chemical enhancement! At the risk of a humiliating scandal, you can boost the effects of training by prescribing steroids...
    Best of the Best:
    A great stats feature is the ever-changing "World Leaders" list, which calculates the best/worst wrestlers in the world. There are some 20 categories, ranging from "Most Popular" to "Most Troublesome"! It's your essential tool for assessing who the best wrestlers are...
    The Evolution:
    A wrestler's skills aren't your only concern though. There are over 200 real-life events that can affect your company and your wrestlers! At the beginning of every night you're met with a news summary, where you will be kept abreast of all major events. These can include reminders about a wrestler returning from injury/absence/training, suggestions and complaints from the locker room, wrestlers making friends and falling out, wrestlers leaving, etc.. Then you've got news about your actual company, which can include financial advice, roster suggestions, PPV reminders, etc...
    Meet The Neighbours:
    The world doesn't revolve around Federation Online though. You operate in a living and breathing world, featuring a phenomenal 250 wrestlers spread across 7 talent pools! There are 4 major wrestling promotions: your "Federation Online", the WWF-inspired outfit "All American Wrestling", a British outfit called "United Kingdom of Wrestling", and a Japanese promotion called "Rising Sun Puroresu". In addition to those there's a "Wrestling Schools" pool (full of impressionable trainees), a "Hollywood" pool (full of celebrities), and a "Deceased" pool that immortalises the wrestlers that have passed. Each promotion has it's own booker, champions, popularity rating, and reputation rating. You are, of course, the booker of "Federation Online". Upon first loading the game you get to create your character, and the torch is then passed to him in a special introductory promo...
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    Federation Booker

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