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ICE Palm Ebook Reader Professional

ICE EBook Reader Professional is the ultimate Ebook reader, can read Palm Ebook, LIT, TXT, RTF, HTML, MS Word and more !
ICE Book Reader Professional can can read TXT, RTF, HTML, MS Word documents, PALM books (.PDB and .PRC) and Microsoft Reader Books (.LIT). Ultra smooth scrolling with the exact control of scroll speed, automatically adjusted scroll speed, full text antialising, super scrolling with subpixel precision, wave scrolling, complete support Unicode and all known codepages, automatic text reformating, automatic text coloring, the system of an artificial intellect recognizing a format of the text, the programs built - in a code archivers ZIP, RAR, ARJ, LZH, HA is only small list of opportunities..

ICE Book Reader Professional was specifically designed to make large text files (electronic books) reading experience most convenient and effective. Why it is important ? Reading HTML of pages, documentation to programs or e-mail differs from reading books. Reading of books demands much more time. So loading on eyes is stronger. Besides reading of books usually occurs continuously. Not as during reading HTML of pages when reading and rest constantly alternate. It means, that for reading books it is necessary to create more comfortable conditions. Otherwise eyes will quickly get tired and the risk of deterioration of sight will increase. The basic role ICE Book Reader Professional is to make all probably for prevention of deterioration of sight during long reading.
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Palm Ebook Reader, Read RTF Palm Ebook Key Features:
  • There are five book-reading modes in ICE Book Reader Professional: automatic smooth scrolling, automatic page-down, automatic wave scrolling, manual browsing and "book view mode".
  • ICE Book Reader Professional can read TXT, HTML, XML, RTF, Microsoft Word documents, PALM books (.PDB and .PRC), PSION/EPOC books (.TCR), Microsoft Reader Books (.LIT), Microsoft HELP files (.CHM) and FictionBook files (all versions) (.FB2, .XML). It means that you don't have to buy electronic books anymore, as there are lots of public libraries on the Internet.
  • The "book view mode" allows the choice of user-defined skins and the display of 1, 2, 3 or more pages side by side in arbitrary positions and having arbitrary sizes.
  • ICE Book Reader Professional can read files directly from archives: ZIP, RAR, ARJ, LZH and HA and the best thing is that you don't need to have all these archiver programs installed.
  • ICE Book Reader Professional uses a special container for storing all books. This container allows:
    • Fast on-the-fly compression with access to any book section without unpacking the whole file. Compression ratio is ALWAYS better than the best ZIP compression. Usual compression ratio is 1:4 - 1:7
    • Dynamic content modification without re-writing the whole book.
    • Setting different compression levels and different cluster sizes.
    • Automatic compression mode adjustment depending on the contents of a file.
    • Compression of data as well as all container system tables.
    • Setting of different compression algorithms or disabling compression for any part of the book.
    • Automatic on-the-fly container data defragmentation.
    • Automatic re-use of free space inside a container if some files are deleted, with optimal strategy for searching and selection of free blocks.
    • Automatic re-arrangement of file blocks inside a container for minimizing physical file operations.
    • Avoiding free space at the end of a cluster if the whole cluster is not occupied.
    • Using a triple cache system for fast access to book contents with the automatic monitoring of used RAM.
    • Monitoring data integrity using double CRC data protection for any file operations with variable CRC size. All bits in the container are now protected from HDD failures.
    • Use of strong encryption (ICE Safe) for book contents and all system tables, with block size up to 8 million bits and anti-bruteforce techniques. The ICE Book Reader Professional book container is now the MOST SECURE container in the world. Security level outperforms .PDF and .LIT
    • Many other features which are supported by the container but not yet used in ICE Book Reader Professional.
  • Very fast text rendering engine allows viewing of any file size from 16 - 128GB.
  • ICE Book Reader Professional allow to export any books to TXT, HTML or MS Word DOC files. There are a lot different exporting modes allowing to control any text properties.
  • There is a special navigation mode for ultra fast text navigation, up to 30 pages per second.
  • ICE Book Reader Professional allows changing the size of the pages cache. Within the limits of a cache, navigation is extremely fast, irrespective of the chosen operating mode.
  • ICE Book Reader Professional automatically colorizes any text. The first letters of paragraphs and also all headings are automatically colorized. It helps eyes to have additional reference points during reading.
  • Ultra smooth text scrolling. It is possible to precisely adjust the text scrolling speed from 1 to 500 lines per second. Accurate speed control is very necessary for comfortable reading. Other applications mostly scroll the text using the third mouse button and therefore don't have such a precise scrolling control.
  • There are two scroll modes: constant scroll speed and variable scroll speed. Variable scroll speed mode allows the automatic adjustment of scrolling speed in conformity with text density, width of the window and font size.
  • ICE Book Reader Professional automatically calculates the required speed for scrolling or for delay between page-changes. An indicator in the top right corner will show the existing speed after two pages have been read.
  • Fuzzy logic text format recognition determines the required format (paragraphs, spaces, margins) of any textual file automatically and without error.
  • Full text antialiasing with different masks (2x2, 3x3, and 4x4) can make text reading more comfortable. New multithread rendering engine allows the generation of antialiased text without visible delays.
  • Super Smooth scrolling allows the generation of additional scroll steps with sub-pixel precision. Instead of 1 step, Super Smooth generates 2, 3 or 4 small sub-steps of scrolling. This technology is very much like the one used in TVs with 100Hz refresh rate.
  • Some thin and small fonts can cause text flickering during Super Smooth scrolling. To prevent this, ICE Book Reader Professional has a special anti flicker filter built-in.
  • ICE Book Reader Professional is a native Unicode application. That means that all the MS Windows languages and codepages are supported.
  • You can read files in any language, irrespective of your MS Windows version. It is necessary to have the appropriate font, though.
  • There are two font modes: automatic layout and original formatting, using proportional and fixed width fonts respectively. The first mode allows the reading of a text with any font size. The second mode retains the original text formatting for viewing.
  • Automatic layout ensures you'll never have to use horizontal scrolling.
  • For reading layout, text can be aligned as Full, Left or Center.
  • It is possible to adjust any font properties: size, color, font attributes (bold, italic...) kerning, interline spaces, paragraph spaces. Moreover, it is possible to choose negative values for any setting. As a result, visible text can be very dense without visible distortions.
  • New rendering engine allows any font available in the system to be used as a monospaced font.
  • ICE Palm eBook Reader Professional remembers the last position in every file read. In addition, each file can have any number of bookmarks.
  • ICE Palm eBook Reader Professional stores all imported text files in its own library to allow fast text preview without actual document opening.
  • ICE Palm eBook Reader Professional has a language-independent system which can determine the author and title of any book. Multiple books by the same author are automatically grouped together in the library.
  • ICE Palm eBook Reader Professional blocks screensaver, hides mouse cursor and increases task priority while scrolling.
  • ICE Palm eBook Reader Professional now has a new internationalisation engine which allows you to easily change the interface language. English, German, French, Spanish and Russian interface languages are now accessible.
  • ICE Palm eBook Reader Professional has a new profiles engine. You can save any set of settings as a profile. Later, you can always activate your profile. One click and all your chosen options will be restored.
  • It is possible to use any wireless mouse as a remote control for ICE Book Reader Professional. Just place the mouse cursor over the clock on the toolbar and use the mouse buttons and mouse wheel for navigation.
  • ICE Palm eBook Reader Professional allows you to select and to copy any visible text to the clipboard.
  • ICE Book Reader Professional is a cheap teleprompter solution. It can be used with any videocard with TV-Out or any "VGA-to-TV" convertor.
  • There is an alarm clock in ICE Book Reader Professional.
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