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    CyberDefender AntiSpyware 2006

    Powerfully and fast detect and catch both known and unknown threats - including Spyware, Trojan, Backdoor, and Adware programs on your computer using the newest anti-spyware tecnology.
    CyberDefender AntiSpyware 2006 CyberDefender AntiSpyware 2006 is a comprehensive real-time solution that protects you from both known and unknown threats. It catches and deletes spyware on your computer by monitoring your computer constantly using the newest anti-spyware tecnology. Every PC on the CyberDefender network is on the lookout for suspicious files and reports them to Threat Central. Lightning-quick updating ensures you are protected from new cyber-attacks faster than any other anti-spyware tool. AntiSpyware 2006 is compatible with all other major anti-spyware products, so for peace of mind... add another layer of security today!
    Buy CyberDefender AntiSpyware $39.99     Download Site  

      CyberDefender AntiSpyware 2006 key features:
    • Removes and quarantines unwanted Threats and Programs
      Spyware can cause irreparable damage when left on a computer. Some threats, known as backdoors and trojans, create secret portals for additional threats to infiltrate your computer at a later time. Unfortunately many Anti-Spyware solutions do not completely protect your computer from these threats, nor do they remove threat files that launch when your Windows operating system starts. If the spyware files are used by Windows or a specific Windows application, spyware may reappear after you reboot your computer.

    • Works while you do - with an efficient Scan speed
      CyberDefender AntiSpyware 2006 uses Multi-Thread technology to quickly and thoroughly scan your computer for both known and unknown threats including Spyware, Trojan, Backdoor, and Adware programs. Users can select from either a very fast Quick Scan, or a fast and comprehensive Full Scan.

    • Allows you to restore deleted threats
      CyberDefender AntiSpyware 2006 provides a robust restore feature, allowing you the freedom to aggressively enforce Anti-Spyware policies, and knowing that if you accidentally quarantine an important program, you can restore it.

    • Prevents malicious websites from changing your home page; Identifies and removes Spyware and Adware; Stop snoopers dead in their tracks
      For advanced users, the OPTIONS feature gives you complete control over CyberDefender AntiSpyware 2006. AntiSpyware 2006 provides you with comprehensive real-time updates to combat emerging threats. Select your scanning options, such as scans in memory, registry, cookies, and startup threats. Choose Auto-Protect settings such as Auto-Protect Alert, Auto Block Homepage Change, and Auto Block Host Change.

    • Provides you with the latest updates as they become available
      At the core of CyberDefender's network, Threat Central is where reports of attacks come in instantly. A sophisticated analyzer gets to work, calculates the risk level and updates the reporting computer, then automatically broadcasts the update to the entire network - immediately.
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    CyberDefender AntiSpyware 2006

    File Size:
    3.41 MB

    Free to try

    Win 98 NT XP 2000 Me

    Internet Explorer 5.0/6.0
    133 Mhz Processor
    64MB RAM
    10.2MB free HD space


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