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Hide My IP 1.0

Allows you to conceal your identity on the Internet. Surf anonymously, prevent hackers from acquiring your IP address, send anonymous email, & un-ban yourself from Blogs or message boards.
Hide My IP Hide My IP allows you to conceal your identity on the Internet. Surf anonymously, prevent hackers from acquiring your IP address, send anonymous email, and un-ban yourself from Blogs or message boards. With Hide My IP you will be able to browse the web and remain totally anonymous. Hiding your IP address is as simple as clicking the "Hide My IP" button, which automatically configures Internet Explorer and FireFox to use a "fake ip". When you shut down Hide My IP, your Internet settings will revert back to normal (without the fake IP).
Buy Hide My IP $24.95     Download Site
Hide My IP Key Features & Benefits:
  • Anonymous Web Surfing - Everyday your IP address is recorded and logged at each web site you visit. The physical address to your computer along with other information such as your name, where you live, and details about your computer can all be stored indefinitely! With Hide My IP, your private information will be kept safe.

  • Protect Your Identity - Identity thieves and data thieves commonly use IP addresses as a base for attack. They can install key loggers and/or monitor your web activity to intercept financial details, passwords, etc... Given your IP address, computer criminals, hackers, and even the government can find out your exact location, right down to your street address and/or apartment number.

  • Thwart Hacker Attacks - Having the address to your computer is the first and critical step and hacker needs to take in order to compromise your system. Firewalls, Anti-Virus, and the strongest security settings are all great tools, but bugs and backdoors and constantly discovered each day. Keeping your IP hidden is one sure fire way to thwart a would-be attacker. The more your IP address gets out in the open, the more likely you will become the target of a hacker attack. Hackers can use worms, viruses, trojans, port sniffers, and other hacking tools to find vulnerabilities in your computer and network. When using Hide My IP, you will prevent your IP from ending up in web server logs, forums, message boards, email headers, and more.

  • Send Anonymous E-mails - Every time you send an email, your IP address is encoded in the email's header. It is very easy using publicly available tools to find your general geographic area that you sent the E-mail from. Hide My IP will prevent your real IP from being placed in the headers of web-based emails. Truly anonymous email can be sent by creating an account with a free Webmail service and running Hide My IP at the time you send the E-mail.

  • Un-ban Yourself From BLOGs and Message Boards - Have you been banned from a BLOG, forum, or message board? No problem! Use Hide My IP to change your IP, clear your browser cookies, and presto! Ban expired
How It Works?
    When you browse the Internet normally, your computer connects directly to the web site requesting the desired information. With Hide My IP, we relay your request via an anonymous proxy server. This way web sites see the fake IP and not your real IP address. Hide My IP chooses randomly from a list of hundreds of fake IPs from all around the world spanning several countries. Allowing you to have a different IP as often as you choose. There is no need to set proxy settings in Internet Explorer or Firefox as Hide My IP does this all for you automatically.
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File Size:
585 KB

Free to try

Win 98, ME, 2000, XP,

Internet Explorer 5.0 or above
2MB of free disk space
128 MB RAM


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Hide My IP

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