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  • DVD Cloner II is updated to DVD Cloner III now!
  • DVD Cloner III supports more DVD-Drivers and more faster DVD clone speed, Clone DVD-9 to DVD-9 Dual layers 8.5G DVD+R disc.
    Read More Detail about DVD Cloner III :

    Download DVD Cloner 2.40 Now Click Download DVD Cloner III ( New Version 3.67 MB )

    Drivers that have been tested by DVD Cloner III:

DVD Cloner III Download [ Site 1 ]   DVD Cloner III Download [ Site 2 ]

BUY DVD CLONER III Comes with FREE DVD-TO-AVI, DVD-TO-MPEG, DVD-TO-SVCD     Buy DVD Cloner 2.40 Now Buy DVD Cloner 2.62 Now

  Retail Price: $89.99 Get it today for only $59.99!! (Save $30)

    1. What is DVD-CLONER?

    --- DVD-CLONER is a software that can copy your favorite DVD perfectly . In only half or one hour, you can burn your favorite DVD to DVD-RW with the same quality as the original DVD . It is not a VCD/SVCD format DVD.

    2. How can I register after payment?

    --- You will receive your registration code after we receive your payment. Then you can register with your register code and register email address. Registration procedure:1. Run DVD-CLONER Or Click "register" button on the main panel and a registration window will pop up.2. Enter your registration code and registration email address, click "register". 3. After your registration completes, the"register"and"buy" buttons will disappear. Now, you can enjoy the full version of DVD-CLONER 2.35!

    3. Do I need to pay for the upgrading after registering?

    --- The upgrading is absolutely free for the registered user.

    4. Can I buy DVD Cloner iii by credit card?

    --- Yes, of course. Paying by credit card is the most effective way to get your registration code. Please click here to order DVD-CLONER.

    5. Does your trial version has any limitation?

    --- Yes, the trial version of DVD Cloner 2.35 can only burn 1/5 of the DVD. While the full version can burn the whole DVD.

    6. What operating systems does DVD Cloner iii support?

    --- Our software works on Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems,We don't have versions working on Linux, Mac OS for the moment.

    7. How to install DVD Cloner iii on my PC?

    --- You may follow these procedures to install: 1. Download our software on your computer. 2. Double click the installing file. 3. Follow the directions on the installing program. 4. The installation completes successfully.

    8. How to upgrade DVD Cloner iii ? Do I need to register DVD Cloner 2.35 again?

    --- Please uninstall the old version and then install the new version. You need to register the new version of DVD Cloner iii again.

    9. I have received my registration code. Why can't I register?

    --- Please note that you need to register DVD-CLONER ON-LINE ! If you still have problems , please click here to contact us. We will help you to register off-line.

    10. I want to make several copies from one original DVD. Do I need to do it several times?

    --- NO. You may copy your DVD to HDD first, and then burn from HD to DVDr/rw disc. In this way, you can clone many discs from one original DVD, or a copied DVD.

    11. Why does DVD Cloner iii pop a message "Can't fit on 1 disc,please try 'movie only' or 'split discs' option!:Can't fit on 1 disc,please try 'movie only' or 'split discs' option!" when I clone a D-9 disc to 1 disc ?

    --- It may be one of the following reasons: 1.Although DVD-CLONER has a very efficient encoding system, some D-9 discs are too large to fit on 1 disc. In this case,please copy with "movie only" option. 2.This message may appear if DVD-CLONER fails to read your DVD movie. In this case, please make sure your DVD movies are readable.

    12. What are the HD requirements ?

    --- If you are running the trial version of DVD Cloner 2.35, you need 2 GB of free hard drive space. As for the full version of DVD Cloner 2.35, requirements are as much as double the DVD capacity of free hard drive space. For example, DVD-5 format DVDs require 5GB or so ; DVD-9 format DVDs require 10GB or so . Please select the proper hard drive and save it to the TEMP directory.

    13. How long does it take for DVD Cloner iii to burn a DVD?

    --- It depends on the configuration of your computer, burning speed and the DVD movie itself. From 1/2 hour to 2 hours is normal. We once tested a D9 (Jumanji, original disc 6.92G, target disc 4.7G). It just took 45 minutes.

    14. Why I haven't got a response from the technical support department?

    --- 1. Make sure your email is not longer than 30KB. Otherwise, our system will delete it automatically as a virus- infected email. 2. As a result of ISP shielding, our email server might return your email on some occasions. Please try again using a different email address. 3. Because business has been increasing, we might not receive your email on time when our server is busy. 4. Our reply might be shielded by your email server. Please contact us again for a response asap.

    15. What should I do if the second DVD-RW made by DVD-CLONER (Clone mode is "split discs") can not be played on a DVD player?

    --- In this case, you can choose " MOVIE ONLY" . Then there won't be any restrictions caused by setting MENU.

    16. Can I backup DVDs to my HD with DVD Cloner iii ?

    --- Certainly you can : 1.Click the Button next to the "TO" field. 2.There will pop up a browse window. 3.Select a directory to save the output files and then click "Yes". Then DVD Cloner 2.35 will copy the source DVD to the certain directory instead of burning the DVD movies to the blank DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW directly.

    17. How to clone a D-9 disc to a D-5 disc by DVD Cloner iii ?

    --- Click the option form and change "clone mode" option to "Fit on 1 disc". After that, click "begin" to clone.

    18. How to clone a D-9 disc to a D-9 disc by DVD Cloner iii ?

    --- First of all, your must have a DVD burner that supports Double layer discs (Such as SONY 700A) and a double layer disc (8.5GB). Click the option form and change "clone mode" option to "Fit on 1 disc" and make sure the check box "Copy to D9" is checked. Then, click "begin" to clone. When the burn procedure is beginning, the disc in the burner will be ejected if it is not a double layer disc. Be careful, because double layer DVD+R can be burnt only once. And make sure your source DVD movie is D-9 . It is extravagant to burn a D-5 movie to a D-9 disc.

    DVD Cloner 2.40 Download   DVD Cloner III Download [ Site 3 ]     [ Site 4 ]
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About DVD Cloner

DVD to iPod/PSP/Pocket PC


File Size:
3.67 MB

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Win95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP

20M free HD space

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DVD Cloner III News

21 Nov 2005
Completely upgraded burning kernel. faster , more stable.

11 Jun 2005
Upgraded burning kernel; support more dvd burners; copy more dvd movies; fixed a few minor bugs.

18 Feb 2005
Support uptodate DVD-burners! Operate with greater stability, Can clone more dvd movies.

11 NOV, 2004
Mighty DVD Cloner 2.35. State-of-the-art dvd burners compatible!

30 July, 2004
Clone DVD 9 to DVD 9 Dual layers 8.5G DVD+R supported.

11 July, 2004
Upgraded burning engine, support more DVD burners! Fixed lots of minor bugs. Optimized decoding kernel.

14 March, 2004
Enhanced registration. New interface.Support more DVD burners.

11 Feb, 2004
Marvelous interface designed and Glitches debugged result from change of the core.
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