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Spyware Doctor
detects and cleans thousands of potential threats from PC
CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner
scans the Windows registry to find errors
CD to MP3 Ripper
converts audio CDs to MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, etc.
all-in-one for creating, burning and copying DVD
Super DVD Creator
converts video files and burn them as DVD, VCD, SVCD.
Wave to Text
converts wave files to text or converts speech to text
ImToo 3GP Video Converter
converts video files to 3GP format for mobile
feed fish, fight aliens, upgrade weapons, etc.
ImToo MPEG Encoder
converts video or audio files from one format to another
converts DVD to MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 files
DVD to iPod Converter
rips DVDs to MP4 files for iPod Video
Acoustica Beatcraft
an easy-to-use drum machine program
compresses MP3 files for smaller size
AudioLabel CD/DVD Labeler
creates and prints a cd cover or jewel case
SoundTaxi Professional
converts DRM protected music files to MP3s
M4A to MP3 Converter
converts M4A and MP4 to MP3

Submit Software

You are very welcome to submit your own software to TomDownload.com. We have more than many products in queue waitting to be reviewed everyday. We must test the product you submitted to see if it will meet our accept rules and probably give your product an award based on our review result. If you want to get a priority for your submission, you may consider the followings:

1. Create a link from your website to TomDownload.com. After creating a link, you may send us a message with the URL that the link placed. We will review your product with a priority.

2. And when you send an email to us to submit your application please make sure that it contains the following information:
  • Software Name

  • Software Description

  • Software Version

  • Software File Size

  • Software for Operating System

  • Software Requirements

  • Company Homepage

  • Software Screenshot URL

  • Software Downloading Links

  • Software Ordering Links

  • Software Information URL

  • Software Limits

  • Software Price

  • Contact Email Address

3. If your software have been updated, please let us know.

Our Suggestions for Shareware Authors:

1. Before submitting your application, make sure you have all of your program's information ready. Also make sure that the file you want to upload is on a local drive (such as your C: drive) or can be easily reached through the basic file browsing functionality found in Windows. This will speed the submission process considerably.

2. Do not use a generic and simple file name such as setup.exe, install.zip. demo.exe, etc. These are constantly overwritten by new submissions with the same file names. Instead, incorporate the program name or a derivative of the program name into your file naming process.

3. Program descriptions are only accepted in English. Submissions in other languages cannot be processed.

4. Carefully review the data in your submissions. Submissions containing serious errors or requiring excessive editing will delay the posting of your application or result in its outright deletion.

5. Submitting an application that performs functions other than those detailed by the application's description is strictly forbidden. Applications that contain malicious code, expose and/or exploit a vulnerability or surreptitiously transfer data to another party will not be processed.

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