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Acoustica MP3 CD Burner 4.0

Acoustica MP3 CD Burner - lets you burn 200 songs on a CDR or 1000 songs on a DVD! Or burn normal music CDs for playback on your car or home stereo. With this CD burner software you can effortlessly rip your personal CDs, retag your songs and burn music CDs and MP3 CDs with a click! No rocket science necessary! Escape the confines of audio only burners and make your own mega mixes with Acoustica MP3 CD Burner software!
Download Details: Acoustica MP3 CD Burner
File Size:3.16 MB
Price:US$ 24.95
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:10110006
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:11-29-2003

Mp3 CD Burner Software - Acoustica MP3 CD Burner Key Features:

Burn MP3 CDs! - Burn 200 songs on your CDR or 1000 on a DVD!

Preserve the order of your songs on MP3 CDs & DVDs !

Auto-convert unsupported song types for your MP3 CD Player.

Smart burning! - Instead of just blindly burning incomplete songs that end in the middle, it fades them out! It actually fixes your songs and makes them
sound good! It takes low volume songs and adjusts them with special "Boost" and normalization! In addition, you can EQ each song differently and
have it burned that way! Power and flexibility. That's what makes this burner different than all the rest!

Organize the music on your computer via drag and drop.

Auto-detection of incomplete songs and specify exact amount of silence between tracks.

Mix Your Music! - When you burn a CD, why not make it unique. The modern day mix tape has now been replaced by a mix CD. In addition to mixing
songs from different albums and artists, you can actually make the songs fade into each other for one long continuous groove!

Trim Your Songs! - Cut out unwanted silence, extra long applauses or DJ commentary. Fit more audio on a CD and make it sound right! Automatically
removes silence!

Supports CD-TEXT if supported by the CD-recorder hardware. Supports "Burn-Proof" CDRW drives...

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