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Ghost MP3 CD Maker 2.0

Ghost MP3 CD Maker is the world's simplest, fastest and smallest CD burning software. Burn your MP3 files to CD audio tracks in seconds! Just drag and drop all of your your red-hot songs. Direct-to-CD burning with no WAV files involved. Also create CD-Text and brilliant CD covers! It takes only one minutes to download with a 56k modem. It even stores on a floppy disk! For all Windows systems.
Download Details: Ghost MP3 CD Maker
File Size:986 KB
Price:US$ 29.95
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Download ID:10110011
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:02-15-2005

About Ghost MP3 CD Maker

What can I do with Ghost MP3 CD Maker?
Make custom CDs! Make music gifts to your friends, road trip tunes, hot date tunes, make mixes to rock the party! Hey - you can also customize the CD cover! Replace your scratched CDs with CDs that you burn yourself from custom MP3s.

How does it work?
Simply drag and drop the songs you select onto the main screen, click the "CD Maker" button, and in a short time you will have a custom CD! Then you can customize the CD cover! With Ghost MP3 CD Maker, you can choose to burn 74 or 80-minute audio CDs on either 74 or 80-minute CDR/RW discs. There is no need to convert MP3 to WAV! Your CD is burned directly saving your hard driver space.

What makes "Normalizing" the volume levels so cool?
I'm glad you asked! Ghost MP3 CD Maker has a "Normalizing" feature that lets you ensure that all MP3s in a set have the same volume level. Different MP3 files may have different volume levels, if you burn the CD without normalizing, the volume of songs in this CD might be sometimes louder and sometimes softer. But if you use normalizing, I guarantee you it will give you the same volume level songs in the CD. It is by default.

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