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TS-AudioToMIDI 1.0

TS Audio To MIDI - Powerful MP3 to MIDI Converter to convert WAV MP3 to MIDI , performs automated recognition of polyphonic music, stored in MP3, WAV formats as well as audio CDa tracks. creates MIDI sequences from WAV MP3 CD tracks, also in realtime. Audio To MIDI performs automated recognition of polyphonic music, stored in MP1, MP2, MP3, MPP,MPA, AIF, SND, AU, WAVE formats as well as audio CD tracks.
Download Details: TS-AudioToMIDI
File Size:669 KB
Price:US$ 34.99
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Download ID:10150003
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:04-25-2004

  • In real-time mode it instantly convert MP3 to MIDI, WAV to MIDI, and music coming through the microphone or line input of your computer into a MIDI sequence.

  • Both Monophonic and polyphonic recognition modes, four recognition algorithms.

  • Both real-time and pre-recorded modes of sound recognition are possible.

  • Manual and auto tuning to correct possible audio signal frequency deviation from the standard note frequencies.

  • Many possible input file formats, including mp3 and CD-Tracks and real-time spectrum window controlled by Graphical Equalizer.

  • Sensor selectivity and sharpness controls with graphic representation are provided.

  • Graphic Harmonic Model control, setting up first four harmonics of recognized instrument.

  • Note duration filter allowing to ignore accidental short notes when recording to the built-in sequencer.

  • Output note filter, allowing to ignore notes of pre-set loftiness with ability to select note interval and/or presumed key.

  • Resulting MIDI signal transposition possible and ability to save settings both combined into one file and separately for each control.

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