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iPod 2 iPod 1.0

You've got two, the sister's got a Nano and Dads just bought a new 60 GIG: The smart folks over at Apple didn't give any thought to managing your entire family of iPods!

Save yourself a pile of grief and take the run with iPod 2 iPod.

For the family with more than one iPod, iPod 2 iPod can transfer Songs Playlists Video Music between iPods, gives you the power to take control of your music and video collection.
Download Details: iPod 2 iPod
File Size:3.28 MB
Price:US$ 39.95
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:10170005
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:03-23-2006

iPod 2 iPod Managing Songs, Music, Video on the Move...

  • Connect multiple iPods, Transfer Songs Playlists Video Music between iPods.

  • Drag and Drop Songs, Playlists or Video between iPods.

  • Move entire genres, albums and artists.

  • Album web database wizard (freedb.org), comparison with existing tags.

  • Make shared playlists between iPods.

  • Enhanced searching and grouping of songs.

  • iPod 2 iPod tracks these duplicate songs and allows you to remove them in seconds.

  • Find songs which are present on one iPod but not another, and quickly transfer the ones you are missing.

  • Automatically Back up your iPod songs music video etc. so you can roll back easily.

  • Optimizes iPod storage space allowing you to store more songs, music, video...

  • Set your Shuffle free, with no local music restriction.

  • Support for all current models, including the 'Shuffle' and 'Video'.

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