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Mp3 Filter

Mp3 Filter Mp3 filter is a nifty utility that finds your dupe files by comparing thier name. The basic concept is to compare the words together and check how many words match (in %).
Example: "Limp Bizkit - My Generation.mp3" and "05 - My Generation (Limp Bizkit).mp3". To determine if these 2 files match, Mp3 Filter will count the number of total words (9), and see that 8 words (Limp,Bizkit,My,Generation) matches on the 9 words. That makes 88.8%.
Download Details: Mp3 Filter
File Size:876 KB
Price:US$ 19.99
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Download ID:10170019
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:09-06-2004


  • Incredibly fast comparing engine based on word matching %. What should take the time of 25 000 000 of comparison (5000 files compared together) takes about 4 seconds on an athlon 900.

  • Set the minimum number of words required in the filename to include the file into the scan.

  • Exclude files with bracket to avoid deleteing [REMIX] like files.

  • Changing the file priority criteria. Thus, you can say: When I find 2 similar files, I want to keep the Mp3 over the WMA, and if the 2 files are of the same type, keep the highest bitrate.

  • Priorize files from specific directories in comparison. Ex: Files in directory "Full Albums" have priority over files in "Downloads"

  • Compares you files with all your burned CDs at once with a mp3 list system.

  • Browse all your cd without actually having them in the drive.

  • Browsing all your friend's CDs with that same system and select song you wish him to give you.

  • Allow that friend to look at your selection and automatically copy files you selected to a specified directory, by simply click on a single button, relax, and insert the right cd when Mp3 Filter prompts him.

  • Builds a banlist and scan your drives to exterminate your unwanted files (Like britney spears)

  • Mass rename your files using ID3 tag ...

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