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MP3 Frame Editor 1.0

MP3 Frame Editor Finally, a real mp3 editor. Not just a tag editor or silence trimmer. This editor really lets you edit mp3 files without decoding and encoding them (loss of quality). If you collect mp3's from the unreliable sources such as the web you must have a program like this to fix them.
It lets you copy, paste, cut & delete blocks inside mp3 file. It also lets you adjust VOLUME & BALANCE of the whole file or selected parts. It has fade in and fade out function.
Download Details: MP3 Frame Editor
File Size:3.65 MB
Price:US$ 15.00
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:10190011
System:Windows XP/2000/98
Update Date:06-03-2004

Here is a brief illustrated explanation of program's functions:

  • File menu:
    Use open, save as and reopen to load, save, or reload a previously loaded file (undo all changes). You can use load, save as, and reload buttons as well.

  • Edit menu:
    Use it, or respective buttons, to access the following functions: copy, paste, cut, delete, select all, unselect, undo, volume & balance change and fade in/out.

  • Options menu:
    Mp3 files are composed of certain number of independent frames. Frame size depends mostly on sampling frequency and kilobit per second rate (usually 128 to 256 kbps). Sometimes, mp3 files contain invalid frames, or non-sound data between frames.

  • Play and About menus:
    Use them to play source and target (saved) file and to read some info about the program. Play commands call external registered player for mp3 file type, just like when you click a mp3 filename in windows explorer. Means that if you don't have a player for mp3 files, Frame Editor will not play them!

  • View buttons:
    You can inspect both header (ID3v2) and footer (ID3v1) tags using view buttons.

  • Remove tags and RIFF header checkboxes:
    Use them if you wish to clear your mp3's of these unnecessary things.

  • Position controls:
    Use them to position cursors. If you use just left textbox and arrows buttons, you will position red cursor. At this point just one frame is selected.

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