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EzVoice 3.0

EzVoice is full-featured phone answering machine software and PC phone voice mail software that picks up calls for you while you are away. It captures caller id, and allows you to pre-screen and block unwanted calls or telemarketers. Its built-in address book let you customize greetings for all your friends, relatives or co-workers. Moreover, it will notify you of new calls or voice mail messages through emails to your pagers or cellular phones.
Download Details: EzVoice
File Size:4.40 MB
Price:US$ 26.80
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:11100012
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:10-26-2005


  • Log all phone calls.

  • Built-in contact address book.

  • Caller ID display.

  • Pre-screen calls through PC speaker.

  • Block unwanted phone calls or telemarketers.

  • 10 voice mail boxes.

  • Remote message retrieval.

  • Dual password protection.

  • Customized greeting for individual callers.

  • Email notification and forwarding.

  • Unlimited recording length of greetings and messages.

  • Iconize to system tray.

  • Flashing icon on new calls.

  • Ring setting and silence detection.

  • Sound alert through speaker upon new calls or messages.

  • Add notes to voice messages and address book entries.

  • Power search to find voice messages and address book entries.

  • Simple installation and setup.

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