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Job Timer 3

Job Timer 3 is a Project or Job Timer that will keep track of your time and invoices. Plus it will calculate the hourly rate on which you charge, It has it's own built in Invoice which you can print and it stores your customers information to be recalled later for future projects. Save as you go and recall each job as you go. One click start, or One click and it opens up your favorite application while starting the clock automatically.
Download Details: Job Timer
File Size:20.9 MB
Price:US$ 39.95
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Download:Download Now
Download ID:11100020
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:10-11-2006


  • Count-up Timer that adds your time on anything you want. (ie: Uptime etc.)

  • DELAYED TIMER so you can us a "Minimum Amount"

  • MULTI TIMED SERVICES so you can charge different prices for different things.

  • SET SERVICES or Items that you would normally charge. Example: "Service Charge"

  • Timed Services can be added all at once, say you have several people working on the same job, you can add up more than one service.

  • A help function that is un-heard of in software applications.

  • Additions or Subtractions to your time. (I have on occasion forgot to start the timer, so I have to add a few extra minutes to make up for it.) While the Timer is running this function will only last for 2 minutes.

  • "MINIMUM AMOUNT" This is for those that charge a minimum amount. So if you have a 1/2 hour minimum just go into Timer Settings and select 1/2 hour minimum price requirement hit save in "Options" and this will be your default setting, so if you click on "Minimum" or "Delayed Start" this will increase the job by 1/2 hour.


  • Built in Printable Invoice.

  • SYSTEM TRAY OPERATION, you can control certain parts of the program right from the task bar.

  • AUTOMATIC PROGRAM LAUNCH set to open up a Program automatically once a day.

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