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ShixxNOTE 6.net 1.0

ShixxNOTE 6.net is a personal organizer, desktop sticky notes (post-it) program, instant messaging application (LAN messanger) and a communications tool used across a local network (LAN), Internet and via e-mail. Easy to use personal info management application and powerful communication tool. It features an alarm, backup and restore function, and many other features. It is configurable and stable.
Download Details: ShixxNOTE 6.net
File Size:648 KB
Price:US$ 25.00
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Download ID:11100009
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:12-30-2004


  • Automatic saving whenever you change to a different application or exit Windows.

  • Great utility to keep track of notes or ideas with easy access regardless of what application you're in.

  • Easily export or import note(s) to file.

  • Set alarms. You can set notes to appear at specific times to remind you of important events. You can even set the notes to appear periodically.

  • Perfect tool for instant communication for a office or even a home LAN.

  • Network Neighborhood list is shown in Send To dialog. Just select computer(s) on list and send note to them with one click.

  • Customize your notes. Change the color of your notes, font, paragraph settings. You can save note themes (color and fonts) and organize it as you like.

  • Save group of recipients to Group Name which will be inserted in Send To note menu items. So one click and note is sent to all recipients in group.

  • Send notes to recipients who doesn't have program installed and running using Windows Messaging service (Net Send on Windows 2K/XP or WinPopup on Windows 9X/Me). Message box with note text and sender name will appear to them on the screen.

  • Send notes directly to the desktop of other PCs running ShixxNOTE, over a LAN, Internet or via E-mail

  • Program is configurable and stable.

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