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MySQL Data Manager 1.72

MySQL Data Manager is a multifunctional and platform independent web based mysql administration tool. This is a CGI script for management, development and support of Mysql databases over the Internet or Intranet using web browser based interface. It provides a complete set of high-level and low-level capabilities.
High-level functions low to accomplish a lot with a single mouse click while low-level functions let you do precisely what you want.
Download Details: MySQL Data Manager
File Size:87.6 KB
Price:US$ 37.00
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Download ID:11110009
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:12-10-2003

  • Create and Alter tables; Import data from CSV files generated by other applications; Export search results and entire table into CSV files to use them with other applications.

  • Backup and Restore the entire database or selected tables in seconds; Create, edit and delete Mysql user accounts in bulk;

  • Search and Modify records using multiple search criteria; Edit multiple records from search result, directly or by uploading files from local computer;

  • Insert data directly or by uploading file from local computer; Visually compose SELECT query, joining several tables; Generate Printable Output;

  • Optimize, Analyze, Repair and Check tables. Show status, Variables etc;

  • Assign maximum total size per user of saved backups, SQL scripts and exported or uploaded ASCII files; Customize colors and add clickable image;

  • As secure as your Mysql Server is. User name and password are not stored in any config file and Ability to operate in Multi-User environment as universal control panel for wide range of database applications and services.

  • All data types are supported; All table types are supported;

  • Quick Backup and Restore; Quick Import and Export; User friendly error handling; Platform independence.

  • Excellent reliability and efficiency. The program generates only pure HTML code.

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