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Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator 1.7

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator does fast, simultaneous analyses of 14 different cash flow series and assists you with capital budgeting projects! This financial planning software performs cash flow analysis of 5 different discount rates for each of the 14 cash flow series.
Download Details: Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator
File Size:2.60 MB
Price:US$ 69.95
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Download ID:11150012
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:10-08-2006

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator computes the following results for each cash flow series:

  • Initial Investment

  • Smallest Cash Flow

  • Largest Cash Flow

  • Cash Flow Range

  • Average Cash Flow

  • Number of Cash Flows

  • Undiscounted Sum of Cash Flows

  • Internal Rate of Return

  • Undiscounted Payback Period

And for each series' five discount rates, Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator computes:
  • Net Present Value (NPV)

  • Net Future Value (NFV)

  • Net Uniform Series (NUS)

  • Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR)

  • Present Worth Cost

  • Present Worth Revenue

  • Benefit/Cost Ratio

  • Present Value Ratio

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