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Loan Advisor 1.0

Loan Advisor is a powerful yet easy to use program that allows you to calculate and analyze your loan. Learn how to pay off your loan sooner and save money at the same time. View a schedule showing a detailed breakdown of your loan over time. Perform "What if" calculations or see the effect of residual value on your loan .
Download Details: Loan Advisor
File Size:511 KB
Price:US$ 10.00
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Download ID:11150016
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:3-12-2003


  • One of Loan Advisor's best features is its ability to demonstrate the effect of additional payments on your loan. This feature on your own loan will
  • show you how even a small additional payment significantly reduce your loan period and save you a fortune in interest.

  • Loan Advisor also contains a detailed schedule of your loan over time. This allows you to see how each payment affects your loan.

  • The residual value calculator allows you to see the effects of leaving a residual value when paying back a loan. You just enter your loan details and you can then calculate the monthly payment required to leave a specified residual value. Alternatively you can calculate the residual value for any given monthly payment.

  • Other features include:
    A graph showing the breakdown in cost of your loan, A loan grid, showing interest rates/amount around your loab so you can see the difference in loan payments, Ability to perform "What If?" calculations on your loan. This means that you can calculate the loan amount, interest rate, period or repayment and 8 different payment and compounding periods.

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