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QuikCalc Amortization Premium Edition 6.0

QuikCalc Amortization comes in four editions to meet your needs and is in use by thousands of professionals, individuals and government departments around the world. The Premium Edition is a complete mortgage and loan management tool for those who need to track mortgages and loans as well as generate amortization schedules for planning purposes.
Download Details: QuikCalc Amortization Premium Edition
File Size:7.15 MB
Price:US$ 99.95
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:11150014
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:10-08-2006


  • Instantly generate amortization schedules

  • Change any scheduled payment amount

  • Add any number of extra payments

  • Skip scheduled payments

  • Any payment frequency

  • Any compounding period

  • Canadian Amortization Schedules

  • Frequency based lump sums (e.g. annually,monthly)

  • 5 different report formats including Annual summaries of the amortization schedules

  • Different payment types including Normal, Interest Only, Fixed Principal plus Interest, Increment by dollar (Dollar Step), Increment by Percentage (Percent Step)

  • Handles negative amortization

  • 14 Different Day Count Conventions including 30/360, 30/365, Actual/360 and Actual/Actual

  • Create Loan Manager loans directly to save time

  • Track multiple loan terms as they are renegotiated during the amortization period

  • Track multiple varying interest rates based upon date range

  • Track the actual dates payments were made on

  • Record check numbers, payment descriptions and notes on each payment

  • Calculate loan payout amounts based upon a date you supply then optionally change the schedule to reflect this payout

  • Add your own custom one time or repeating charges based upon fixed amount or percentages of various parameters such as outstanding balance.

  • Payment Grids with five different configurations

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