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Real Estate Calculator Suite 2.3.00

Real Estate Calculator Suite help you From down payment savings and loan qualifying to estimated closing costs and from amortization schedules to prepayment savings, it helps you do real estate math.

It's includes an interest rate conversion table, a Documentation List to help you gather your paperwork, a Home Inspection form to help you review potential homes, a Mover's To Do List, a Fraction/Decimal Conversion Chart and useful tips for home buyers and sellers.
Download Details: Real Estate Calculator Suite
File Size:1.65 MB
Price:US$ 39.95
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:11150018
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:10-29-2004


  • Real Estate Calculator Suite includes:
    2 Quick Calculators, 2 Downpayment Savings Calculators, a pop up calculator, a Mortgage Qualifier
    Loan Amortizer with Monthly and Annual schedules
    Loan Spread Calculator, a Biweekly Payment Calculator, a Refinancing Calculator, an Estimated Closing Cost Calculator
    Home Seller's Proceeds Calculator, Rent or Buy Calculator, and Prepayment Calculator.

  • Based on Wheatworks experience developing financial calculators for corporate real estate clients, Real Estate Calculator Suite is designed for real estate consumers and professionals.

  • Real Estate Calculator Suite offers integrated help, provides automatic 'hints', is large and small font compliant, offers Wheatworks Software, LLC's new integrated Upgrade Center for easy, free, online updates, and includes a user-friendly registration system.

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