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InfoRecall XP 2006 1.0

Are you tired of wasting hours searching for information you knew you had but couldn't remember where you filed it? Are you embarrassed at having to dig and hunt to retrieve something you couldn't instantly put your fingers on? There is a simple solution... InfoRecall!

Share Information across your Network.
Find Information Lightning Fast
Download Details: InfoRecall XP 2006
File Size:3.70 MB
Price:US$ 59.95
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:11140004
System:Windows XP/2000/98
Update Date:03-14-2006


  • The Power of a WYSIWYG Edit

      A full Word Processor
      Unlimited document size
      Multiple document interface
      Full text formatting
      Support for graphics s
      Bullets & Numbering
      Paragraph formatting
      Borders & Shading
      Manual & Automatic spell checking
      Manual & Automatic spell checking

  • Network Ready

      Share your information
      All users can open the same folder
      Documents are locked to restrict modification to one user
      Documents can be made read-only to prevent modification

  • Lightning Fast Searches

      Boolean searches (AND, OR, IF NOT) using two search words.
      Date searches (=, <, >) using one or two dates.
      Numeric Searches (=. <, >, >=, <=) using one or two numbers.
      Match Whole Word.
      Index searches.
      Narrowing of search results

  • Hypertext & Hyperlinks

      Text to text in a document
      Pop-Up Text. Text thatí»s part of a document but hidden until clicked on
      Another document in the same file
      A document in another file
      Any file and open the file in the appropriate program
      Any file and open the file in the appropriate program
      Your Browser and open a Web Site
      Your E-mail program showing the address you want to e-mail to
      Synchronize Data Folders

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