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MultiCalendar C/S Client 3.0

MultiCalendar C/S Client (Unlimited Resources) is a network-able scheduling software suitable for any time-consuming resources. In MultiCalendar, any time-consuming entity, such as staff, vehicle, room can be a resource and has its own independent calendar/task list. It contains a server side program and a client side program. All data is stored at server side. All clients are connected to the same server and multiple clients can read/save/access the same calendar data at the same time.
Download Details: MultiCalendar C/S Client
File Size:15.1 MB
Price:US$ 95.95
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Download ID:11140016
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:10-08-2006


  • Network Access
    Either your server is in the same LAN, or is on the other side of the earth, you can connect to your server by setting up the server's computer name or its IP address. Then, your client side will locate the server and read/load data from it.

  • Smart Refreshing
    When there are no modifications posted to server, the refreshing will automatically be "lightening" fast because MultiCalendar Server will talk to client that "no modifications". When there are some modifications posted to server by other peers, the current client will load modified part of data only. Any of the above method helps MultiCalendar Client works at a fast speed when refreshing data with remote server.

  • Work Offline - BriefCase Model
    When you are offline, you can enjoy the "briefcase" work model in Client/Server Edition. Save all your data offline and then view, add, edit or delete any data locally. When you are online, you can click a single button to synchronize with the server.

  • Resource based User Permissions
    Any user's permissions on any resource can be set to no access, read-only access or full access.

  • Day View, Work Week View, Week View, Month View, Year View and Timeline View

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