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Commodity Server 1.6

Commodity Server is a powerful new technology database for recording and presenting Historical Data. It comes with a powerful multiuser database server and a client application for end users. You can use Commodity Server for tracking power prices, power amounts, stock prices, currency prices, economic volumes, temperatures, precipitation and other weather data.
Download Details: Commodity Server
File Size:6.16 MB
Price:US$ 75.00
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:11170017
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:09-15-2006


  • Organize and track historical data data with Profiles and groups. Store stock prices, weather trends, economic curves, anything.

  • Complex Business Rules are a snap. Custom contract and Portfolio editor Lets you create quickly make portfolios out of businesses cases that would normally take programmers months to implement.

  • Make great looking charts with our built in charting system. Fully integrated. Syncs with database data.

  • Tell the story of your data. Built in presentation system. Export your presentations to the web.

  • Set up automatic imports with our integrated ETL (Extract, Transform and Load).

  • Powerful technology. Commodity Server is a multithreaded, multiuser database server custom crafted in C++. Create databases virtually unlimited in size: 10Gb, 20Gb, 100Gb, and more. Our client uses our own high performance layout engine written directly to GDI+.

  • Fast. Processes hundreds and thousands of points in a second. We've imported all the NYSE prices for a year, plus, all of the hourly prices for PJM LMP, in one hour on a desktop box.

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