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Performance Organiser 2.0

Performance Organiser provides the tool kit to support structured business analysis and the subsequent transfer of that analysis into balanced score cards that are closely related to Mission, organisation Vision, hierarchy, objectives and process descriptions. It does this by means of a combination of drawing pads and ordinary data capture techniques to model the way an organisation works.
Download Details: Performance Organiser
File Size:20 MB
Price:US$ 200.00
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Download ID:11160022
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:12-28-2002


  • Build a company web site in just two mouse clicks --- With the Performance Organiser web site generator, build and publish a company web site in just two mouse clicks using data and documents associated with Performance Organiser and Performance Organiser "Lite" models

  • The Performance Organiser "Lite" --- Draw complex organization charts, describe the formal and informal communication channels between your organization and external bodies such as suppliers, stakeholders etc...

  • Apply Best Practice as a Normal Part of Your Work --- Many companies fight shy of trying to use techniques like the Balanced Scorecard, ISO 9000 etc. because they do not know how to go about it, or it costs to much. The Performance Organiser provides a planning framework to apply best practice techniques in a cost effective and comprehensive way. It is not "quick fix, silver bullet software", it is a tool designed to support the planning and analysis effort required to successfully implement best practice, that can be used by just about anyone, without needing to be taught the principles behind the techniques it supports, or to buy in expensive external consultancy advice!

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