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Ratio Evaluator 1.0

Calculate over two dozen key financial ratios at the touch of a button, and generate presentation quality comparison graphs at the same time! Ratio Evaluator helps you make your most informed investment and operating decisions using the same ratios that experts rely on to evaluate companies. Plus, it helps you learn how to use these ratios by explaining exactly what each means. Find out what to watch for in each ratio--and learn how to discern ratio fact from fiction.
Download Details: Ratio Evaluator
File Size:2.0MB
Price:US$ 69.95
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Download ID:11160011
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:03-07-2006


  • Compare ratios with personal goals or with industry averages.

  • Compare ratios with personal goals or with industry averages.

  • Presentation-quality graphs can be printed easily from anywhere in the program.

  • The Clear Data button makes creating another version simple. Just clear data, enter new data, and save.

  • Easy installation lets you just jump right in and get started.

  • Detailed on-line help is always just a click away to give you tips on the easiest way to complete a task.

  • Support is provided by the actual author of the product. You get the author's name, telephone, and support hours at the click of a button.

  • Graphs over 25 key financial ratios including:

  • Debt to Equity
    Assets to Equity
    Debt Ratio
    Times Interest Earned
    Days Sales Outstanding
    Inventory Turnover
    Days Sales in Inventory
    Asset Turnover
    Working Capital Turnover
    Equity Turnover
    Return on Sales
    Return on Total Assets
    Return on Equity
    Operating Return
    Gross Margin Operating Income per Share
    Earnings per Share
    Market Price per Share
    Book Value per Share
    Composition of Assets (over 4 years)
    Composition of Liabilities and Equity (over 4 years)
    Disposition of Sales Dollars (over 4 years)
    Net Working Capital
    Working Capital to Assets
    Current Ratio
    Quick Ratio
    Dividend Payout Ratio

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