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Budget Compiler QuickBooks Excel 1.0

The Budget Compiler will import and format your Profit and Loss data from QuickBooks without you having to re-enter it. Using this information it will compile a flexible Profit and Loss report in Excel allowing you to select the amount of detail displayed, use the data for budget formulation and if desired create a file that can be imported into QuickBooks to set up a budget. Applying existing data in a flexible and to read layout with the capacity to budget creation provides substant benefits.
Download Details: Budget Compiler QuickBooks Excel
File Size:380 KB
Price:US$ 33.00
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Download ID:11120001
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:10-08-2006


  • An improved understanding of business operations;

  • Enhanced budget development;

  • Significant time saving in performance reviews/budget creation;

  • Display view options include by Month, Quarter, and Full Year with Current Year, Last Year, and Budget values. Charts display both Actual and Budget values.

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