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How to convert HTML to PDF

Convert HTML to PDF document easily with BCL easyPDF.

Some of the key features of PDF can be highlighted by comparing it to the other common cross-platform delivery mechanism: HTML.

PDF is a page description language which expresses the precise image of a document. When rendered on screen or printed, its layout and appearance matches the author's original.

HTML is a text markup language which expresses a document's structure and content. The author identifies key structural elements (headers, paragraphs, tables, text-level elements, etc.) and the web browser displays its content according to various settings under the user's control. The layout of the text follows the logical structure specified by the author, but its appearance is determined by the browser.

HTML can be parsed by common speech synthesis software for the blind or visually impaired; it can also be read through a text-only web browser. PDF is a graphical format, which cannot be used in either of these ways.

Generally, all of the formatting in an HTML document must either be coded by hand or with an HTML editor (though special purpose filters do exist for some programs to output directly to HTML). PDF files are converted from existing documents, retaining their original appearance; this allows you to design documents using tools considerably more flexible than HTML tagging, and still post them on the web for general viewing.

PDF offers both page-based reading and browser-style navigation.

While HTML is shown directly in a web browser, PDF files are shown through a viewer (which has to be installed in addition to the web browser, either stand-alone or as a browser plug-in).

Therefore, in many cases you may want to convert HTML to PDF. The following is to tell you how to convert HTML to PDF with BCL easyPDF.

Step.1 Download BCL easyPDF here and install it.

Step.2 Start your web browser (Here, we take Microsoft Internet Explorer as an example)

Step.3 Click "File -> Open..." to select HTML file which you would like to convert.

Step.4 Select from main menu "File"->"Print"

Step.5 Select Printer "BCL easyPDF".

Step.6 If you want to change the Settings in BCL EasyPDF?, you can click the "Properties" from the default print dialog. And then click "OK".

Step.7 Click the button "Print". A dialog will pop up, assign the folder and file name of the PDF document to be generated.

Step.8 If you click the button "Save", the program will begin to convert HTML to PDF.

Note: some applications, such as NotePad, will automatically print to your default printer when you select the Print option. If you want to print to PDF, you may need to change your printer selection within that application before printing the file.
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