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Desktop Enhancements > Font Tools

CrossFont 3.6

CrossFont is a very handy program that allows you to convert Macintosh TrueType and PostScript Type1 fonts to PC format and vise versa. Features include: Long file name support, Automatically senses file type, Drag and drop support, Folder searching, Batch conversion operations (registered version). Recognizes files from Mac file systems on NT (SFM).
Download Details: CrossFont
File Size:487 KB
Price:US$ 45.00
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Download ID:12100004
System:Windows XP/2000/98
Update Date:07-01-2003

Other features include support for larger font files up to 4MB in size, intelligent font detection code for folder searches, force short font file names in settings applies only to PC Type1 font files, MacBinary files destined for Mac created with .bin extension, and "Skip All" button for file name collision dialog.


  • Convert PostScript Type 1 fonts between Windows PC and Macintosh.

  • Convert TrueType fonts between Windows PC and Macintosh.

  • Generate missing supporting font files (AFM, PFM, INF, PFA, etc.).

  • Supports OS X data fork fonts (.dfont).

  • Character outlines, metrics and hinting are preserved.

  • Drop font files and folders onto main window for easy recognition.

  • Automatically determines font file types.

  • Automatically searches folders and subfolders for supported file types.

  • Automatically assigns kerning if it exists and right click menu for fast operation.

  • Recognizes files from Mac file systems on NT (SFM Services for Macintosh) .

  • Registered version can create font families with up to four styles (normal, bold, italic, bold-itaic) .

  • Registered version can batch convert to many file types at once .

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