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Lissajous 3D 1.2

Lissajous 3D -- Make animated swirly curves which change shape. You can use real materials such as gold, pearl, ruby. Many demo curves included and you can make new ones to add to the screen saver. Includes wizard suitable for young children, and background music. The classical Lissajous curves are traced by a point oscillating in two directions - Lissajous 3D takes this into three dimensions, You can set the lighting to sunset, sunny day, dawn, dusk etc.
Download Details: Lissajous 3D
File Size:1.77 MB
Price:US$ 14.00
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Download ID:12160030
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:02-13-2004

Lissajous 3D Key Features:

  • A Lissajous curve is a curve traced out by the motion of an oscillating point. The original Lissajous curves were inspired by sound, and were made by attaching mirrors to a tuning fork and using those to reflect light to make the patterns. Physicists often modify their oscilloscopes to show Lissajous figures.

  • Lissajous 3D draws these figures in 3D as a ribbon, or a tube, with varying cross section, and uses a point oscillating in three dimensions instead of the original two. Here is an example using a ribbon.

  • You can change the width of the ribbon, and the colours and materials, and the background colour. Materials use the real values for the ambient and specular colours etc for real physical materials such as copper, gold, etc. This image here shows gold and ruby with the material transforming from gold to ruby and back again along the length of the ribbon.

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